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  1. updating this thread: http://support.kaspersky.com/mobile/kisandroid#requirements says 4.3 is supported in KISA 11.1.5
  2. can we have a supported list of processor architectures (on Android) thnx.
  3. consider if we use the KS10Mobile (Android) and Exchange Active-sync policies (MDM). is there a possibility of collecting the list of applications installed on the phone ? didnt see any such existing Report template. also, if any Report can provide details of the phone hardware.
  4. same problem, not able to block typical software couldnt be blocked using the Category. VLC Media Player: - http://whitelisting.kaspersky.com/catalogu...rch/vlc%20media (you will find VLC mentioned in various categories) - not sure if the same categorization is also in the "updates" - http://whitelist.kaspersky.com/advisor# (upload your vlc.exe) and you can find its already popular & safe. so no point that it isnt categorized! Windows Media Player - http://whitelisting.kaspersky.com/catalogu...0media%20player - you can see this software is listed in various sections (Multimedia, OS related, Win components, etc) - again, now sure that even this is rightly categorized in the "updates" - even when I allow only OS related category, the WMP isnt blocked maybe the main point is unable to block certain appli using Appli Category !! can somebody confirm on the "update" contents.
  5. so many view, not a single response! when using Win patching via KSC, what can be the rescue mechanism when the default drive gets full ?
  6. if I understand this correctly: - there wont be problem for the client (agent) to contact server, as they agent has the fixed IP/Name of Server to contact - but, the Server doesnt have any Fixed IP of client to contact so, unless there are frequent policy changes, let the client connect to server at a reasonable time (2-4 times a day)
  7. in the Mac policy, the only option I see is : even after "No Quit" in policy, still the end-user is able to quit the application (kill) from the Mac's default Activity Manager (task-manager) !
  8. KSC10 - Systems Management: considering the KSC acts as WSUS Server, which folder are the Windows Updates (patches) stored ? what if in future, the KSC server needs to be changed (db restore will be done), can we also import the Win patch data on new server, so as to not again perform the downloads. assuming the installation drive of KSC is full (database, packages, Win Updates etc), can we later point to another empty drive ? procedure ? thnx
  9. the question is about a software company, using many Mac systems. in the current version of endpoint security 8 for Mac, the user has option to Quit the application from running. this creates a problem to administrators. feature required: provide password before Quit
  10. Hi, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (KISA) says it supports the Android 2.3 to 4.2. Now many phones will be with 4.3 - will KISA support this ver ? thanks,
  11. even I want to know - which are the built-in DNSBL / SURBL ?
  12. as rightly said by Chris, the KSC delivers license to mobile. refer pg-23 - http://docs.kaspersky-labs.com/english/kes...mplguide_en.pdf
  13. maybe a problem with Windows Installer or user permission on temp folder I referred this article http://www.sabernova.com/2012/12/how-to-fi...in-windows.html (especially the permission on temp folder) then, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 - which lead to http://support.microsoft.com/mats/Program_...l_and_Uninstall (supports Win8 too) hope your problem is solved fast!
  14. Some suggestions, based on my low understanding of KSC, its regarding Update Agent. Firstly, need a tree section in KSC console to highlight/manage specifically the UA machines. maybe show their state - active, offline, updated, etc. Secondly, the current UA Options (any one): (i) automatically select UpdateAgent within group(s), when ticked in the properties of AdminServer. (ii) if above is not ticked, user can manually assign UpdateAgent to any machine. in the (i), the UA is dynamically selected, for every group having 100+ machines, based on that machine's cpu/ram/no-laptop properties. Can this 100 limit be configured ? this would help in branch offices (groups) having less machines. in the (ii), when manually assigning UA for a group, if that UA machine fails, if we can get option to assign secondary UA machine ?
  15. Hi Kravtsov, thanks, I know of the 1042. in general, when lic is expired, can I still push tasks (except Update) on endpoints ? such task running scenario (when lic expired) would be helpful in 831-abcd cases, atleast. eg. for some pc who was not taking abcd, I created task using patchmanager.exe /when now - remote deploy. after a while I could see clients updated with abcd.
  16. hi Nikolay, kindly explain about this patch pushing without license. thanks.
  17. looking at the snapshot, the last line mentioned of non-connectivity between the reference pc and admin server. - confirmed, that you not taking snapshot of the Admin server itself - after the restart of the Reference computer, looks like it tries to take another IP (or no IP). check that you have DHCP ? - if you doing this test within VM, check the VM (nat/host/bridge) settings are proper. btw, earlier I had similar problem and verified on above parameters - worked fine.
  18. hi. I believe, generally, without a license (or expired one) updates / tasks cannot be done. in above, do u mean a special patch can still be pushed to accept the newer license in a expired license node ? thnx,
  19. TRY this: copy the installer file on the machine. then from the command prompt, eg. CMD> KES10setup.exe /pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1 /pSKIPPRODUCTUNINSTALL=1 this will try to skip the incompatible product's check, and also not try to uninstall those.
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