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  1. Anyone else experience this when downloads will hang when they finish completing? If I disable Kaspersky, it does not do this. Im using Firefox 4.0b3.
  2. Fixed it myself. It was a DLL in the Windows/SystemWOW64 folder that was causing the issue. Kaspersky 2011 no longer crashes
  3. Well, I uninstalled everything (network drivers and KIS 2011), did a netsh winsock reset, reinstalled NIC drivers and then Kaspersky 2010. Everything went smooth with the KIS 2010 install, and it seems to be working fine. Pending a response here, I might try uninstalling that and try 2011 again. My question is, would doing a netsh winsock reset with KIS installed bork the installation?
  4. Like I said, its a clean install of Windows 7. Dont know why it would work initially, then crash and continue crashing. However, they (Bigfootnetworks) released new software which I upgraded to, and its not of the best quality. I was using their version 5 software and Kaspersky IS 2010, then upgraded to 6.0 software on my Killer NIC, then upgraded to KIS 2011, and everything worked fine. Maybe I'll try uninstalling the network drivers, reinstalling KIS 2011, then reinstalling the Killer NIC software.
  5. Link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...1cf72d1577a3b4d I ran the kaspersky removl tool last night. Dont have time to mess around with anything this morning, but I'll troubleshoot when I get home after work.
  6. Latest vesion (2011), downloaded straight from the website. Its a clean Windows 7 Professional x64 install and was working for a while. Now it just crashes when I run it. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing. Still crashes. Its Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, in case you are wondering.
  7. Ah, I dont recall getting prompted by KIS 2009 at all about selecting the network type. Probably why it was overlooked. Mind posting where that was copied from? Looks like it has a ton of information and probably a good read/tutorial. Is is in the sticky? edit: Nvm, I'll just read through the stickies... tons of info there. I'm interested in learning the program inside and out. As far as I've seen, it is one of the most comprehensive internet security suites I've seen. Very nice user control for advanced configuration.
  8. 1)Using latest drivers 2)Check 3)Using v8 4)All settings set properly 5)I'll have to try resetting them. My D drive was set to be shared with all users on the network and they have full access. *********SOLVED************** Here is the solution. 1)Right click on the Kaspersky tray icon. 2)Select Settings 3)Go to the System Security page 4)Click on the Firewall settings button 5)Switch to the "Networks" tab 6)Select your home network connection 7)Right click and change from "Public Network" to "Local" 8)Click Ok to close the window 9)Click apply at the bottom of the settings window 10)Click Ok to close the settings window 11)Apply these settings to all the computers on the network
  9. Since Kaspersky comes out with definition updates often, it could potentially be detecting something that it couldnt detect before, or yes, it may just be a false positive. I work for the Geek Squad and Kaspersky has often come up with some false positives, even in our own Geek Squad toolset. If the program in question was downloaded directly from the manufacturer, and the maker of the software is a trusted source, most likely a false positive. If it's pirated software, chances are it may have been altered.
  10. vista ultimate x64, office ultimate 2007 no problems with KIS 2009 yet Dont use the sidebar, so I wouldnt know. Maybe try uninstalling Office and using the manual cleanup removal method as outlined on the Microsoft website. Then reinstall.
  11. Same issue here Network sharing does not work properly with KIS 2009 enabled. The firewall blocks it. Disabling KIS 2009 temporarily is necessary for network sharing. Any mods or users have a solution? edit: Well not every time I update. I started using KIS 7 about a month ago, and they updated to KIS 2009 just recently, so I installed it on my computers. KIS 7 network sharing worked fine. Using two Vista computers, one laptop, one desktop, both on a wireless network (WRT54G router, stock firmware, not DD-WRT modded). Laptop is 32-bit Vista Home Premium, the desktop is 64-bit Vista Ultimate. Cannot access either computer from the other with KIS 2009 enabled. Should also add that I can see the computers on the network, but cannot access them.
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