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  1. One machine on our domain keeps encountering websites with this virus - lots of different websites of financial institutions, for example: This has happened quite a lot this morning, just for this one machine but for a large variety of websites, it seems Googling this virus brings up a couple of other posts for users saying the same thing. Is this a 'false positive' or is there likey to be something wrong with this machine? Thanks.
  2. It seems to be okay now Helmut, it seems I was being fed incorrect information on the reboots at first - it transpired 'I rebooted a few months ago' After a reboot it seemed the updates were rolling through just fine. Thanks for the feedback. FYI Admin Kit = 8.0.2163 and Clients = (d.f)
  3. For one PC in one of my groups within the Admin Kit I'm getting this error. There's a Group Task of Update MP4 which I have stopped, I then tried to update manually for this one PC and the Unable to run two tasks at the same time error still persists. It's been like this for all of August (just realised today), the client has rebooted numerous times during this period. It's like there's something 'stuck' on this client machine. Any ideas/tips/suggestions?! Thanks
  4. A while ago I was speaking with someone from Kaspersky who said the next version of the admin Kit (we were on version 8 when we had this discussion) would have the ability to scan workstations which had the agent and KAV installed and determine the version of many common applications - e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Java, and then allow deployment of updates seamlessly to these clients. At the time this was in a very early beta stage, as we're using the Admin Kit to manage over 100 PCs over two sites we didn't really want to use a beta for this. I'm trying to find out if this is still in beta, whether it's been abandoned or whether it's in Kaspersky Security Center Version 9 (replacing Admin Kit). I took at look at some youtube videos and scanned the administrators handbook and it didn't jump out at me. As this would be quite a nice feature I thought if it was present it would be obvious in the product pages and stuff. Can anyone enlighten me? (On a side note, if it doesn't feature in a fully fledged release, what do you use for your non MS patching?) Thanks
  5. We've got a small handful of PCs (About 5 or so, it varies) for which the status in the Admin Kit is 'Protection is off' - if I visit said PCs in person and check it doesn't look like protection is off- it all looks green and working fine. Likewise if I right click the client machine and view it via Remote Diagnostics I can see it's running both the network agent and the av component. The PCs/Server in question: * Running version of AV and 8.0.2134 network agent * Server is running 8.02163 version of Admin Kit * Client OS is Vista Business I've tried: * Reinstalling the network agent and the AV on one of the machines - this seemed to work for a little while then back to the same protection is off status * Changing the Synchronisation interval from 15mins to 30 mins for the Network Agent policy The clients themselves reboot periodically anyway and this doesn't seem to fix the problem. It's not always the same PCs but more often than not it is. Anyone have any ideas? - I see the SQL fix on the Kaspersky website for cases when the network agent starts before the AV, but if this were the case then surely restarting the network agent would make it see KAV is running and hence change the status - as above, trying this doesn't work. Help much appreciated!
  6. Two developers running the latest version of MP4 have had several DLL files from Redgate placed into Quarantine. This means SQL Source control is not functioning for them. Is anyone else having the same issue? I've contacted somebody at Kaspersky to see if they want me to submit some of the files or anything :/
  7. Thanks for the tip here. It still seems to be causing a problem for us, I've had another colleague have the same problem today :/
  8. In the last 2-3 weeks I've had a number of machines with fully operational and up to date Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6 for Windows Workstations become infected with Spyware. All slightly different variants of the same thing - essentially an app which pretends to be an AV program and says there are threats, leads you to a page which then claims you need to buy something etc. These have knocked out PCs for ages and required MailwareBytes Anti-Mailware to detect and remove the infection, then the exe association is broken in the registry and needs to be fixed. Why is Kaspersky not detecting these threats? - With 100+ PCs under it's control and a rapid increase in the number of these infections I'm feeling quite nervous to be honest. Rob.
  9. Kaspersky Anti Virus was picking up some viruses in an old users account, not the current user. I logged on to the users machine as an admin and deleted these files. The next morning I got a message saying more viruses had been found on this PC, however, they were in C:$\Recycler - I navigated to here, after displaying system files, however, there's nothing here to actually 'delete' so to speak. I'm not sure what to do next! - Any ideas?
  10. My problem was solved by stopping and starting the Kaspersky Admin Kit service, waiting a few mins and opening the admin kit again
  11. The error mentioned in the first reply concerning the account is not present in the KAV event log, neither are any other errors except
  12. I'm having the identical problem - despite being able to connect to the Admin Kit just yesterday afternoon. To my knowledge no changes have been made on the server since I last connected.
  13. Also, incidentally, as a slight aside, when a virus is found we receive two emails, one with the subject 'Message from Kaspersky AV' and one with the subject 'Kaspersky Anti-Virus notification' Its the first one 'Message from...' which is coming through loads of times, not the latter. I've not quite got to the bottom of why we get sent two emails though! Message from Kaspersky AV = Kaspersky Anti-Virus Notification = The 'Kaspersky Anti-Virus Notification' one is the nicer and more informative of the two.
  14. Thanks, I've just found that. I shall apply it. I thought Kaspersky might have some kind of backlog of emails to send so until they have sent it will keep on coming - so with this in place will that be the case, but just a bit slower, like in bursts of 60 or so each hour? Edit: The version we have installed is 8.0.2048
  15. We have email alerts setup when a machine has a critical alert on it. Typically we receive a couple of these a day, for some reason Kaspersky kept identifying the same virus on the same machine over and over - I came in to over 58,000 emaiils this morning - yes, really! I took the machine of the domain and turned off the email notification. I scanned the machine and it's now fine. I turned email alerts on again, waited about half hour or so then put the machine back on the network. According to KAV it's fine, however it keeps sending the messages through now about viruses it found at 4am (all a second apart). I guess there's some kind of back log somewhere, is there any way to clear out what its sending to prevent us getting so many emails? (It was on the network for about 3 mins, since then we've received ~ 500 emails. Any help appreciated - K are yet to reply to my email :/
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