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  1. What you mean is that the shown update records will not be deleted ?! Only the update files will be deleted.
  2. Hello, I am using the Administration Server to act as a WSUS and third-party updates. I am facing an issue as in the software updates tab I have too many updates although I only have less than 100 devices in my organization. Can you help if there is any steps to delete the old and useless updates from software updates tab ?
  3. here is the version installed and the policy is showing version 11
  4. I tried it more than once but still showing that the plug-in is not installed and in the policies section it shows that the endpoint version is 11
  5. I updated my web plugin to 12.2 but when i try to open the policy to edit, there is a message saying that the plug-in is not downloaded.
  6. Hello, I am using sql server express 2014 database and i need to upgrade to sql server standard 2019. While upgrading nothin happens and when i followed kaspersky steps to change the database it also didn't change to be unlimited storage .
  7. thanks alot this is the solution, to force install the new security application.
  8. when i send heartbeat, the error is that the network agent listener does not exist
  9. do any one knows what is network agent listener ?
  10. when i try to send heartbeat through klnagchk.exe, the result is that the network agent listener does not exist.
  11. i uninstalled it and re-install many times with same error
  12. I had a server with security center 11 and security application 11.0 & 11.1 I then created a new server with security center 14 and created "change administration server" task for all devices connected to the old server. Then i created 2 Deployment tasks for network agent 14 and security application 11.11 The tasks are completed successfully except with a server whose network agent did not work and with a strange error. how can i fix this issue ? this server has a security application but it is not connected to the administration server because of the network agent
  13. I already created a task to install Network Agent 14. Will KES 11.11 replace KES 11.0 & 11.1 ?
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