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  1. This is a certificate issue, which (for some reason) the K-free installer doesn't properly take care of for Thunderbird. Follow these instructions (originally for Firefox), but apply them through Thunderbird options instead (they are essentially the same): http://support.kaspersky.com/13585 It will also clear up any issues with TB's RSS entries, if any are seen.
  2. A small free utility from NirSoft called MyUninstaller will provide a detailed list of all installed applications, with about 17 columns of details pertaining to each one, including install-time, Reg-keys, etc. About as forensic as it gets. It requires no installation, and does not need to be used for anything other than detailed-info gathering, as that's all you want.
  3. Great, and here I just did a complete uninstall/reinstall to accomplish the same thing. Live and learn... :ap:
  4. Ran into this myself when using 3rd party explorer-replacement programmes... (notably Xplorer2 x64), though hadn't seen it under Windows Explorer (which explains why I've not seen a post on it). The designer of the aforementioned application kindly traced it to Kaspersky's 'prLoader.dll'. Isn't ShellExView great? Should be installed on all systems by default... (and for those interested, it has an x64 version as well). Curious, though, that Kaspersky's "self defence" allows it to be disabled, but thankfully it does. Never saw the need for context-scanning anyway, as the real-time element "seems to" catch all before it's necessary. But that's just me... My solution was simply to revert to KIS 2009 until 2010 was working properly (which, obviously at .463 doesn't seem to be the case yet).
  5. For what it's worth, a simple solution is to avoid using the Office plug-in at all and just use something like PDF Redirect which is more versatile, and can be used through any programme's Print reference, not just within Office applications. It's free, unobtrusive, and does what it says on the tin. On the other hand, as there's obviously a conflict with KIS, it ought be followed up for good measure...
  6. Umm... no... I know exactly what Spr's referring to, and I've never seen an associated window (certainly nothing minimized), and it is an annoying omission on KIS2009's behalf, concerning larger '.exe's. Is there a setting under 'Notifications'? In the interests of verbosity I have everything checked, save the unused Parental Control msgs... and still nothing until it's done being scanned, or the install proper begins (somewhat unexpectedly).
  7. I too have noticed this happening (obviously KIS encountering a fresh .exe) when compiling with Visual Studio C++ 2008 (Express), however the programmes all run/terminate properly, so I've just learned to ignore it. I suggest updating to the recent Visual C++ 2008 Express version. (It's free, and intended for introductory students.)
  8. With all due respect and humility (and I really do mean that), there is a subset of people out there who know their setups inside and out, and contrary to the "company line" are aware that KIS is unfortunately the main cause of recent (mainly shutdown) BSOD's. I realise that "every case is different" and so on, however, "in the real world" it is not "impossible to tell". In short, the answer as to whether this issue has been resolved in 2009 is: No. There is, of course, the usual litany of those who will cheerfully say "it works fine for me!", ad infinitum. But even Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would know to say "KIS installed = inexplicable BSOD's / KIS Uninstalled = No inexplicable BSOD's" means the culprit is more than likely KIS. I'm saying this only in the context of a known Software/Hardware milieux, wherein people know how to read their own dumps, and so on, and looking at the forum there are scant posts saying "I supplied my MiniDump logs and You Guys (or Customer Support) solved all my problems, thanks!". There will always be some for whom a BSOD is unrelated to KIS, and they may be well served by the usual suggestions of "Please supply logs", etc. Yes, this is frustration speaking, so I really don't mean to be flippant - I just dislike imprecise answers when precise ones are available, contrary to the "overall picture", which, understandably, is your primary concern.
  9. Considering I even donated to the ccleaner crowd, I have no problem with paying for things I use, especially KIS. However, I do hope the above was written tongue-in-cheek, as read the wrong way it borders on psychopathic. Or at least Stepford Wives. No offence intended.
  10. I would subscribe to Camus' benign universal indifference (therein suggesting absence of deity), but to each his own. Have they "fixed" the Vista SP1 Registry Guard conflict? I miss that more than any local deity.
  11. Ok, curiously it was something in the folder itself, not that particular file... if the file itself was shifted, KIS would just hang on whatever was the last file in that folder (regardless where it was on the system - had a lot of fun playing cat and mouse with it). In the end I simply slapped a scanning exclusion on it, which worked. (Chkdsk came up with nought.) So it's ok to remove it completely? Are these just downloaded setup files or what? In fact, can I just clear the whole directory?
  12. Yep, tried that first thing. Still hangs on the same file in the same place. Silly thing is, the file's all of 3.75KB in size.... not big enough to bother sneezing at. How do I skip it?
  13. Fresh install of each: Windows Ultimate x64, SP1, KIS .325. Naturally it nags about a "Full Computer Scan Has Not Been Performed", so I initiate it and let it go. It gets about 15% of the way through the disc, and then hits: Now scanning: x86_networking-mpssvc.resources_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6001.18000_ja-jp_b638fc694bbe2b00.manifest Location: C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\7d32313c1525fe1a45b0afd8f1815612\ And seems to go into some infinite loop, and just won't move on, it just grinds away over and over on this one file or archive (or whatever it is... what is a '.manifest' anyway?) I should say I've installed KIS multiple times on Vista (normal and SP1) and done the full system scan with default settings and have never had it "hang" on anything before. I have tried the normal "Stop if scan takes longer than..." and "Do Not Scan Archives Larger Than..." and it just ignores both settings. As it's an initial full computer scan it doesn't care to give me the option to "Skip" that particular file. What am I missing? It needs a "Nudge" button or something...
  14. Definitely something amiss with SP1 (x64) and .325 Registry Guard. Odd thing is it's so unpredictable... one startup everything works fine, the next, all messed up. Difficult to test individual options as when banjanxed the 'K' menu is unavailable, so have to restart until a "good" login is achieved. Disabling Registry Guard solves all. Pity, I dislike "disabling" things to get them to work. Everything else was running so well, all "slowdowns" gone, all window-delays banished, etc. No problems pre-SP1, installed using the stand-alone download. Wouldn't have even suspected KIS before reading this thread, I was all set to go reinstalling every driver I could think of.
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