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  1. Good to know. It was my intention to give them direction in resolving their issue, that they may figure out what I have not yet. I think I'm going to try another product at this point. I have never had problems like I have with this app. Shouldn't have to give up all my system info to discuss an issue, either.
  2. For some reason I am unable to edit my last post ts this point. The hangs returned, so the TAM fix I mentioned was not helpful for this. Something is wrong with TAM, Windows DEP, or 64-bit support is all I can conclude.
  3. Also, I was getting this with Trusted Apps Module active and configured to allow signed apps and KSN screening. I disabled them and otherwise followed the procedure at the following link and it has gone away for now. https://malwaretips.com/threads/kaspersky-t...settings.43920/ I have not enabled KSN regularly, so maybe that has something to do with it hanging with no CPU usage to explain a scan. I also have DEP turned on for all applications.
  4. I thought some of my slow loading might have something to do with the .Net 4.6.2 Preview I recently installed, so I did what anyone would do and uninstalled it. It appears this removes all traces of .Net 4.X. I found a lot of my start-up programs giving errors about .Net 4.0 requirements. One of them was KIS It was inoperable, and my PC was open for business. I can't find a specific place for this kind of thing, so I resorted to posting it here.
  5. Avp.exe is not the GUI exe. It is what jokingly uses but one of my 8 cores to scan things. Where is this 64-bit file? What is its name? My 64-bit apps are taking upwards of 20 seconds to open. They just sit there, visible in task manager doing nothing, while Kaspersky also sits there doing nothing. Just la-dee-da until suddenly the apps open. Turning off Kaspersky and they load instantly. There is clearly a conflict.
  6. I am noticing my 64-bit applications take 20 seconds to open most times. I notice they take 10-30 seconds to scan. I also notice this program has no way of informing me if it is doing anything or holding anything up. I want to know what it's doing and if it's why my new PC blows chunks. Avast, while inferior on the front, never gave me such grotesque delays, and when the delays happened I could actively read what it was scanning and why.
  7. I am not convinced that a 32-bit application protects a 64-bit OS. I remember the exact oppisite being the truth back when XP64 came out. I was ready to buy until I noticed this. Where are these "64-bit drivers" I hear about, the ones that work with the 32-bit process? How does that even make sense? How can the program possibly view the entirety of my memory with half the registers?
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