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  1. Yeah crappy Kaspersky team. Since Windows Defender is getting better by the minute, not gonna pay anymore for this crappy service. Paid antivirus isn't a must anymore. Thanks for nothing Kaspersky!
  2. Guys contact tech support and send them the needed information instead of replying here... I sent them some logs, data, etc so that htey can fix it with the devs. If a lot more people send the info, it will be fixed faster.
  3. Ok so latest feedback from support is that one module must be broken. What they suggest is to add the websites in the Internet Antivirus module. However, this means to add EVERY website (which is, sorry for the language, bullshit since I won't add ALL the links in the world to make it work... same thing as deactivating the Internet Security...). Gonna wait for a new version, meanwhile for those who want it, I have the KAS18 version. Other solution is to close and relaunch every time...
  4. From my point of view yes, but can't be 100% sure though... Only way is to launch bash, so added that and recursive. Strange this is that it works with KAS18... Without doing anything in particular.
  5. Ok so tested adding bash in the exclusions and still the same issue. Tested the https and didn't work, did you need to reboot?
  6. Yeah I tested everything before except the add system32 to exclusions for security reasons (and I can't seem to add the bash.exe file to exceptions...). Nice find though for the HTTPS, however still don't think it's a good idea to disable that ^^
  7. I contacted the support and they told me the following: 1) Authorize the paquets (check if network is trusted in firewall + configure paquets in firewall for TCP and UDP to authorize) 2) Create exclusion for BASH folder in config/advanced/Exclusions 3) Change rules of the application in Firewall, find Bash and right click for details and rules, ass exclusion for the 4 first boxes I didn't test it out yet, but kinda afraid of the 2nt option since BASH is present in system32, so any virus can go there without any issues... And I already tested the number 3 and didn't do anything... Can you test out these actions on your side as well?
  8. Hi, I just installed the new update for Kaspersky Internet Security ( on my Windows 10 PC (latest build). My bash (using ubuntu 18.04) cannot connect to Internet anymore. When doing sudo apt-get update, just can't establish a link. However, when Kaspersky is uninstalled, it works fine. Furthermore, last version that I had (I think it was Kaspersky 18), it worked fine, no issues. Anyone having this issue? Anyone can supply me the V18 that works? Thanks.
  9. Can't seem to be able to topen the Tech Support, no servers available so need to call...
  10. Already tried reinstalling... What windows do you use? Do you also use the same kaspersky software?
  11. Hi, Sorry for the missing info, I'm using the latest update of Kaspersky Internet Security (; lastest base is 24/05/2017) I just tried launching smart defrag (the UI) and it doesn't launch... Same for Advanced SystemCare and Uninstaller. However, Driver Booster is OK, dunno why... However, the processes do launch! The products are already in the trusted zone, so I can't really do anything else
  12. Hi! I am using Kasperksy Internet Security with some IObit products (advanced systemcare pro, driver booster, smart defrag...). Before, it was working great and one day, they stopped working all together. In Safe mode, they work fine. After a reboot, same issue. On the IObit forum, they asked me to uninstall Kaspersky and see if I still have the issue. After uninstalling, the IObit products launch without any issues, and with Kaspersky installed, same issue as before. What can I do to avoid these issues? Thanks.
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