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  1. I have windows firewall turned off, only kaspersky's turned on. However for testing your theory, iam disabling kaspersky's for a few days and let you know if this problem stops or not.
  2. Reinstalled KIS 2013 but the problem still persists. I never had a problem before reinstalling windows. The error report generated by kaspersky is more than 100 mb in size and takes forever to upload. Anybody else faced similar problem and have solutions to offer?? Vikram
  3. Hi rudger79, Below is the link: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...7078ee484076782 Regards, Vikram
  4. Hi, I have windows 7 home premium and KIS 2013 on my laptop. I reinstalled windows 2 weeks back from the factory image stored in my hard drive partition. I then installed all windows update that have been released since this factory image had been created. Then i installed KIS 2013 and all other programs. Since, reinstalling windows, KIS 2013 often turns off and windows action center displays a message to turn on anti virus. Initially, when turning on KIS, a dialog box would appear asking me if i want to run this application. After i checked the 'always trust the publisher' check box in that dialog box (because kaspersky was given as the publisher name), whenever KIS would turn off, it would automatically turn on in some time. This problem never occured before i reinstalled windows. I also don't have any other application installed that is known to be incompatible with KIS 2013. The windows action center searches for solution online and displays solution as i need to update kaspersky anti virus to the latest version. But the version i have is the latest - (f). Should i reinstall KIS 2013 or do i need to do any other troubleshooting? Vikram
  5. Hi, I know you would have other things to care about just as me, i was only expecting a clarification from one of the moderators. I suppose i was anxious to get it. If url advisor gives reputation from KSN cloud, i suppose it would be a nice layer of protection for the web (on top of signature based protection and url rating tools). Nice one! Vikram
  6. Hi, You have not replied to my previous query. The description of the block dangerous module contains reference to url advisor add on. It states: This module blocks access to websites which have been considered as suspicious or phishing by Kaspersky URL Advisor. Does that mean as per your explanation in your reply, URL advisor uses reputation score for classifying a site as malicious or not? As i have mentioned previously, i have disabled the add on in browser in favour of WOT. So, can this module be of any use to me? Vikram
  7. How is this reputation score calculated? Is it through cloud analysis or some other way? The web AV blocks malicious and phishing sites in browser. I use WOT for checking the reputation of sites in search results. So I have url advisor add on disabled, Considering this info, Pls suggest is I should enable that the module mentioned above. Vikram edit: del broken quote.
  8. Hi, In the 'safe surf' tab of web anti-virus settings, there is an option at the bottom that says 'Block dangerous websites'. The description about it given in your knowledge base is as follows: "If the Block dangerous websites module is enabled, Web Anti-Virus will block access to dangerous websites." I have block dangerous websites option unchecked, yet web anti virus has always blocked access to sites that is malicious or is a phishing site. So, what purpose does this option fulfill? For your information, i have url advisor disabled in my browser. Another thing i wish to add is regarding the unavailability of content blocker add on for google chrome. If my understanding of its functionality is correct, i believe it provides additional protection apart from web AV for blocking malicious websites. Chrome is the most popular browser today so i urge you to release all of your components for google chrome. Also when i try to update firefox browser to the latest version, it says the kaspersky add ons will be incompatible with that version. So, pls update to make it compatible. Thanks, Vikram
  9. Hi richbuff, Below is the link for GetSystemInfo log: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4544ba2bbb0333e And the virusinfo_syscure.zip log using the AVZ tool is attached. Can you please confirm me both these logs collect only non personal information especially since this is viewable by public? Vikram virusinfo_syscure.zip
  10. Hi, Iam not sure if this is the right place to write this post but if you know a alternate place to post this, please let me know. I think my email has been hacked. Few days back, an email had been from my email id to all my contacts with a link in the email. I don't see this email in my sent messages, either it could have been deleted from my sent messages or iam assuming it was sent in a sophisticated way. Anyways, i immediately changed my password and security questions and enabled second sign in verification in my yahoo id. I have no other email or apps linked to this a/c. Now, to sign in, apart from password, it was necessary to answer a security question or enter a verification code sent to mobile. But yesterday, again a email was sent from my id to my contacts containing a link. I don't know how this could have happened with second sign in enabled. Anyways, i now changed my second sign in to only verification through mobile. But weird things continue to happen. To ensure no virus on my system, i scanned my system with KIS 2013, MBAM and hitmanpro but nothing was detected. Pls give me suggestions to resolve this problem. If nothing will help, i may have to close my email id i have been using since 2004. If i may have to close my id, is there anything i need to know before importing my email to a new id? Should i scan my emails by downloading them to pc before transferring them? Thank you in advance for your help. Vikram
  11. Hi, No security application can detect 100% of the malicious items out there. It is necessary to take a layered approach to computer security. Let me give you an example, i was searching to download a mp3 2 days back. I went to a site from google results and clicked on download. The file that downloaded was an EXE file but with the file name of the song i searched for. This got me suspicious and i scanned the file with KIS. It did not show it as suspicious. I was still not convinced and uploaded it to VirusTotal. 7 out of 40 scanners detected it as 'pupware' (meaning malicious in some way). None of the top 2 scanners - bitdefender and kaspersky detected it. My contention is even the top security tools do not detect 100% of the malicious items and hence the need for having additional security tool like a good on demand scanner. Thanks, Vikram
  12. Hi, I have the following security applications installed on my laptop. KIS 2013 Malwarebytes anti malware HitmanPro 3 WinMHR I also have USB disk security installed which i use only at the time of connecting USB drive and to scan for autorun virus. My query is will having the 4-5 security applications mentioned above cause conflict and affect the main security program -Kaspersky from effectively protecting my laptop or have conflict among themselves. I should add here except for KIS, no other applications run in background. They are all on demand scanners. Also none of the applications mentioned above have been listed as incompatible with kaspersky. Those who are not aware of what WinMHR is, it is similar to VirusTotal. Difference is in virustotal, you can only upload each file at a time to scan it with multiple anti virus. But WinMHR is installed on your computer and scans the entire computer or specific files, collects its hash MD5 and SHA and scans it with multiple anti virus on its servers and displays the results. So, all the files on your computer can be scanned against multiple AV. You can read about it in below link: http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/MHR/WinMHR/ If you have a AV and anti spyware installed on your computer, i suggest installing wither hitman or WinMHR as these have advantage of putting your files to test against multiple AV on their servers. I welcome your comments on my suggestions.I have heard prevx is also similar to hitmanpro though i don't have much knowledge about its workings. Can somebody provide some details about it? Their website claims they are offering money back guarantee if system is not cleaned 100% but there is no information on its technique. I should add prevx is listed as incompatible with kaspersky, but i want to know if anybody has tried it and its method. Thank you all for your future replies. Vikram
  13. Hi Lucian Bara, Thanks for your reply. From what i understand, AEP adds to your database special patterns of exploits’ behavior. System Watcher uses these templates for controlling the actions of applications. So, iam guessing these are exploit attack signatures. On the other hand, the exploitshield says it does not use exploit attack signatures, run applications in a sandbox or use application white-lists. For more info on this, iam giving the FAQ link of exploitshield below: http://www.zerovulnerabilitylabs.com/home/...stions/#whatzvl So, while both AEP and exploitshield are intended for the same purpose, their mechanism/approach for detection/prevention of zero day vulnerabilities is different and so could result in one application detecting threats that the other misses. Pls correct me if my perception of these technologies is off the mark. Assuming they are two different security applications, could i use it with KIS 2013? Thanks, Vikram
  14. Hi, I read about a new application shielding s/w that protects them from zero day undiscovered vulnerabilities. The s/w name is ExploitShield browser edition. Iam pasting the description of it as given in download.com - 'It consists of an innovative patent-pending vulnerability-agnostic application shielding technology that prevents malicious vulnerability exploits from compromising computers. Includes "shields" for all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera) and browser all components such as Java, Adobe Reader, Flash, Shockwave. Blocks all exploit kits such as Blackhole, Sakura, Phoenix, Incognito without requiring any signature updates.' For more information, read about it in the following links: http://www.zerovulnerabilitylabs.com/home/...abs-technology/ http://download.cnet.com/ExploitShield-Bro...4-75780388.html It appears to me it covers a critical part of security where the traditional security s/w approach is not that effective. My question to kaspersky moderators is if they are aware of this s/w functionality and can it cause any compatibility issue running it alongside KIS 2013 (though the s/w description gives it to be a companion to traditional antivirus and security suites). I had a major problem in getting KIS 2013 to work because of incompatibility with a sandboxing s/w that was not listed in the s/w list that are incompatible with kaspersky. Thanks, Vikram
  15. Hi richbuff, I found the problem and solved it. It was because of a software called Bufferzone. I had installed bufferzone -browser virtualization software long back. I had last used it many many months ago, i forgot it was on my system when i initially mentioned this issue. I was going through event log as you suggested and noticed an error shown for bufferzone. That was the time i remembered it was on my system. Though i didn't understand anything about the details of the error as it was all technical jargon, i nevertheless decided to uninstall bufferzone. Bingo -i was able to connect to internet immediately. I guess kaspersky was clashing with bufferzone. Even though KIS 2012 was having virtualization features it was limited for 64 bit computers, so i relied on bufferzone for opening suspicious emails or entering websites i had doubts on. Now i would not need bufferzone anyways -the virtualization features in KIS 2013 are fully integrated. Thanks richbuff and rudger79 for your support. I don't have to miss any of the features of my favourite security suite now! :bravo: :bravo: Vikram
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