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  1. I was able to install Kaspersky Security 9.0 on my hub-mailbox-clientaccess server, however I am unable to install it on my Edge server. I get the following error when trying to connect to MSSQL database: Invalid SQL server parameters: Invalid account or access is denied. Please make sure that your account has privileges to perform this operation. [*]I am using same credentials as I did on hub-mailbox-clientaccess server, but it is just not getting through. [*]I have also tried domain admin credentials which has sysadmin role on MSSQL. [*]Using telnet I did verify that MSSQL is accessible on TCP port 1433 from edge server. [*]I have tried to specify DB name which was already created during install on hub server, I have also tried to specify another (new) database - same error. [*]I've tried restarting both Edge and MSSQL servers. Running out of ideas what to try next.
  2. Thank you for answers, I will try to uninstall our current version and instal and post back about the results.
  3. Thank you. Will it work with the same license we are using on our current
  4. We have no SQL express installed, for current kaspersky version we are using our MS SQL 2008 R2 which is running on another server.
  5. Hello, currently we are running Kaspersky security for Microsoft Exchange and we want to upgrade to latest available version. I've tried to run installation of 8.6.79, but I got the message that SQL express is not installed (even though is running fine). What is the problem here, or what is the correct upgrade path to latest security for exchange?
  6. Attached a screenshot, my allow intranet rule is not triggered.
  7. So we actually are blocking some intranet sites in web control, how do I allow them if I don't want to specify every intranet resource individually? Intranet site (windows sharepoint services 3.0) is blocked by category "web mail", even though rule that should allow all intranet site is above category blockage rule, not to mention that category is wrong. allow rule: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?act=a...t&id=297159 site blocked:
  8. Hello, I sure would, but I can't make it to log an event for sites who are not blocked, I guess I could create an allow rule, and it would be logged then, but it wouldn't be the same policy anymore.. However I received pf509 for this case and will be deploying it for tests shortly.
  9. Hello, one of our computers is blocking a lot of websites due to social networks category blocked in our policy. However the problem is those sites have nothing (or almost nothing) to do with social networks, and they are not blocked on other workstations under the same KES policy. I can understand site getting into wrong category, but how come the experience is inconsistent on different workstations under same policy? Examples of blocked sites: http://stackoverflow.com/ http://msdn.microsoft.com/ http://blog.lab49.com/ http://blogs.msdn.com/ http://gpg4win.org https://www.blogger.com Event type: Access blocked Application\Name: Internet Explorer Application\Path: c:\program files (x86)\internet explorerApplication\Process ID: 55556 Requested address: http://gpg4win.org Result\Permission: Blocked Rule\Rule name: Deny Categories Rule\Content category: Social networks Rule\Address mask: * User name: DOMAIN\User Event type: Access blocked Application\Name: Google Chrome Application\Path: c:\program files (x86)\google\chrome\applicationApplication\Process ID: 32272 Requested address: https://www.blogger.com Result\Permission: Blocked Rule\Rule name: Deny Categories Rule\Content category: Social networks Rule\Address mask: * User name: DOMAIN\User
  10. Hello, our mail system is not allowing executable files trough, could you please attach the patch to the incident?
  11. Is there a way to report incorrect site categorization by kaspersky? We constantly run into problems of kaspersky blocking access to legitimate sites by assigning them to the wrong categories. Few examples: www.pigu.lt - most popular online shop in Lithuania, blocked because of pornography category. www.lrytas.lt - one of most popular news portals in Lithuania, blocked because of pornography category. http://global.marksandspencer.com - clothes, blocked as drugs. https://www.1822.lt/ - food delivery, blocked as drugs.
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