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  1. Thanks for prompt reply. Upon checking Kaspersky Protection icon in their menu bar: >Private Browsing>Support>KIS Web page>"KIS 2018 Private etc". On this page lower down their is a video. This unavailable. Hope you - and others - followed this. If not then Its my fault! Regards, Sellick
  2. KIS OS Win10 IE11. Private Browsing in Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 has a highlight for a video showing "how to". The video is not available! What is the problem please?
  3. I would like to suspend an application from real time scanning . Appreciate advice on how to do this please.
  4. I am at a loss. I try to create a password but each time I receive message: "email 'sellickd@virginmedia.com' is already in use." I know this because I am on the Forum! Advice appreciated as I must be doing something incorrectly.
  5. Many thanks richbuff for prompt reply. Unfortunately I cannot sign in to the Parser. My password is not recognised although I have the same p/w for Forum and mykaspersky. Please confirm that I need yet another for the Parser.
  6. OS Win10 1. Has Microsoft forced me to use Edge? I am on automatic updates. 2. I use and prefer IE11. 3. Now every time I open computer IE 11 activates many times - I have not counted them! I wait for the multi loads of a Microsoft help programme. 4. The IE11 icon on taskbar shows a brownish colour and will not end when I right click etc . I have to go into Task View to end programme which shows some 90% usage. Appreciate assistance please. Rgds.
  7. I am due to receive a new computer (Win10) which does not have a CD/DVD slot. I will not therefor be able to use my CD. I have to have both running to download/install the transfer programme. New one will not have any protection. How can I have a temporary activation for the new one please? Also, how do I "allow" access to application? Appreciate assistance. Regards
  8. Dear customer, That is great sir. Thank you for the file, your patience and cooperation. Now i will escalate the case to our Virus Analysts. Please wait for our reply with the verdict. To reply to this request, you can simply reply to this e-mail leaving the subject line unchanged. Best regards, Kaspersky Lab Technical Support @richbuff Thank you.
  9. Am trying to get my old head around this but find it difficult. Will try one more time. If unsuccessful will endeavour to live with my problem or, perhaps change to another Internet Service Provider. Pity really as I have been with you some years. Who knows, might be a more difficult one for those of us in our eighties
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