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  1. I just want to say something here. Being addicted over the years to trying different security software, I have used them "all" and KIS is the only one that has helped me stick with one program. I had trouble with F-Secure Internet Security 2010 whenever I enabled its web protection. Although Panda Internet Security 2010 ran well, it slowed down my browsing more than KIS and doesn't receive the good reviews that KIS does in many tests. Norton Internet Security installs wonderfully and is a very nice program, but it slowed down my browsing with the browser protection enabled and doesn't have the very important feature of Application Control that KIS does. ZoneAlarm Extreme uses the KAV engine, but runs no where near as light as KIS does, and well I think you get the picture here. I have also used many combination's of security software like Online Armor and a-squared Antimalware and I will say they ran very well together and I liked that combination the best. However, for me, KIS runs just as good as those two did together and offers a lot more features. Sure it has suffered in ON Demand detection tests lately, but I believe it will rebound with the latest version and from what I've seen in variuos tests is tops in preventing malware. I understand people are having some troubles, but there are other forums like removemalware.com where some people swear that KIS is the best all around program and have no problems with it. I'm sorry for those who are having trouble, but take a look in any of the forums for other security programs and I think you'll see they can all be troublesome for people. Of course there's always MSE, which honestly isn't all that bad and you can use a free firewall/HIPS program and a free Behavior Blocker program with it, but people have troubles with those programs as well.
  2. I have the 463 Dev version installed. Do i need to reinstall final release? Thanks
  3. Just wanted to let anyone with this problem know 463 is working great. Starts up now with no problem. Thanks for the help.
  4. Well I didn't have to shut it down either, but I'm glad I did or I never would have discovered this problem. lol. How you doing Dieselman?
  5. I shut down KIS to defrag. Is 463 safe to install? I see it in the Devs section, but is it still a beta? Thanks.
  6. Sometimes when I shut down KIS 2010 via its System Tray Icon, I can't get it to start up again by clicking on it in the Start All Programs menu. The GUI will appear and show it needs fixed, but clicking on it doesn't help and it won't show up in the System Tray again. Only a reboot will make it run again. Everything shows as being enabled in the GUI. Anyone else? I have a Sony VAIO Desktop with Windows XP, SP 3 and only use KIS 2010 for protection. Thanks. edit: Utile topic title.
  7. I hope I'm on track here with what should help to make KIS or KAV 2010 work. I installed installed 2010 over 2009 and all is working well. When I installed 2010 over it, I got a message telling me a current license has been recognized. Hope this helps some one.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have used KAV in the past and now have KIS installed. It seems to run lighter than the Norton Internet Suite 2009 I trialed for two weeks before hand. I just hope it's as effective against rogues and other nasties out there as the new NIS 2009 is said to be. Take care.
  9. So I imagine Kaspersky is keeping up on the production of new signatures for these type of "rogue applications" Correct? Thanks.
  10. I didn't mind it all that much either until after I uninstalled KIS and tried NAV. Because I like KIS better though, I have installed Google Chrome and will do a search here to see if KIS works with it. Anyone in this thread know? Thanks.
  11. I have switched to NAV 2009 for now. It's a very nice program and runs light. However, I miss using KIS. I want to reinstall it, but I don't miss the bookmarking problem. Hopefully it will be fixed (again) soon.
  12. The only problem I'm having with FF 3 and KIS 2009, is when trying to use the Virtual Keyboard feature. Every time I attempt to use it no matter what website I am logging into, FF 3 crashes. Other than that as I said I have no issues with FF3 and KIS, and so far I am very satisfied with the latest version of KIS.
  13. Thanks. If I upgrade to Kav I will just use a-squared as on-demand. It 's IDS is suppose to be very good however.
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