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  1. HI, i have installed the new version of KAV file server for linux 5.5.19. Since i have installed this version my cpu usage is highly (the kavmonitor use always > 60% of my cpu) I use mandriva 2006 with the last kernel for this distribution. Now i want to return to the version 5.5.10 who works perflectly in my server. The french version in the ftp://ftp.kaspersky.com is the 5.5.3. Where i can find the version 5.5.10 for downloading ? Thanks for your help Guedz
  2. Hi, since 11/10/2006 my postfix don't works correctly. If i look the log i can read this : Oct 12 11:36:24 localhost postfix/spawn[6799]: fatal: unknown user name: kluser Oct 12 11:36:24 localhost postfix/spawn[6798]: fatal: unknown user name: kluser I have verified if the user "kluser" exist and i have no problem I have this problem since a updated of rpm : Oct 11 08:10:13 localhost perl: [RPM] python-2.4.1-5.1.20060mdk installed Oct 11 08:10:18 localhost perl: [RPM] locales-fr-2.3.6-3.1.20060mdk installed Oct 11 08:10:20 localhost perl: [RPM] glibc-2.3.5-5mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:21 localhost perl: [RPM] timezone-2.3.5-5mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:21 localhost perl: [RPM] python-base-2.4.1-3mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:22 localhost perl: [RPM] libpython2.4-2.4.1-3mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:23 localhost perl: [RPM] glibc-devel-2.3.5-5mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:25 localhost perl: [RPM] python-2.4.1-3mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:25 localhost perl: [RPM] ldconfig-2.3.5-5mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:25 localhost perl: [RPM] locales-fr-2.3.5-1mdk removed Oct 11 08:10:26 localhost perl: [RPM] locales-2.3.5-1mdk removed I have no idea bout this problem and for the moment i have no idea where find the problem. Every email was blocked in the queue because kav for postfix have a problem Thanks for your help Guedz
  3. Hi, for your information http://kasperskyfans.sniffernews.com/downl...ky/RegClean.exe is a kaspersky lab cleaner and not the microsoft regclean it's only a zip file who is transform in .exe with sfw software
  4. hi, Maybe i have only 2 emails with attachement but KAV say : during this session 2 emails scan but i have receive more than 2 emails if KAV say i have scan 2 emails with attachements OK i understand but KAV dont say this
  5. Hi, i have noticed that the counter of scan mail notice a bad information
  6. Hi, have you got a changelog about this version beta 5.0.644 ? Thanks
  7. Hi, After test, it's works fine thanks for your help
  8. Hi, i have make a upgrade of my OS linux => Linux mandrake 10.1 => Linux Mandriva 2006.0 The upgrade is OK all works perflectly. After the upgrade i launch a new compilation of kavmonitor for the new kernel : Someone have got an idea about this problem ??? Thanks for your help
  9. Hi, I have make the upgrade for my KAV Mail server for Unix for my postfix 5.5.2 => 5.5.3 I have use this command : rpm -Uvh thepackageKAV.rpm I have restart the postfix and impossible to work normally In my smtpscanner.log I have : If launch licensemanager -s I have : If I launch manually smtpscanner I have : And the prompt I don't undestand why i have in smtpscanner.log the message "Cannot load license" My server don"t work please help Thanks for your help Guedz
  10. Hi, I have no log before this error (I have delete my log file after correction of the error code 73) It's my first line in my log
  11. Hi, I have now notice this : Have you an idea about the error status 75 ? Thanks for advance for your help
  12. Hi, I don't see smtpscanner in all file of log (but in the smtpscanner.log i can see information about this component ) and for the header, this is example from a mail : X-Priority: 3 X-Mailer: PHPMailer [version 1.72] MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="b1_5853d5e317a58c07de511348eeb45267" X-Anti-Virus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus for MailServers 5.5.2/RELEASE, bases: 08072005 #137495, status: clean KAV mail server works perfectly with my chroot in linux mandrake 10.1
  13. Hi, For the moment, my postfix server works correctly, i think that this solution is good, my server have treaty more 500 mails without problem with kav mail server for unix
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