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Full Version: Question about exclusions
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hi guys. smile.gif

i recently got myself a USB broadband modem... during installation... Kaspersky blocked one of the drivers... but since that driver had to be installed,i had to allow it... it notified me again and again that a driver was trying to access my pc, so i had no choice but to add it to the exclusion...

i went to the Kaspersky interface and went to the exclusion list to see what just happened... my question is this...

what does this actually mean?

what does "OBJECT" and "Threats type" mean? dopes it mean that kaspersky wont detect the "OBJECT" as long as it takes the form of "C:\PROGRAM FILES\GLOBE BROADBAND\DRIVER\DEVSETUP32.EXE"

sorry if it's such a noob question... i'm not really much of a techie so sometimes these pc stuff really confuses me. tongue.gif thanks a bundle in advance guys. smile.gif
i'm using kaspersky anti-virus 2009 by the way. smile.gif
Exit KAV, and reinstall your USB modem.
QUOTE(DonKid @ 5.05.2009 00:39) *
Exit KAV, and reinstall your USB modem.

thanks DonKid... smile.gif i was able to install the USB modem already... when it kept on blocking it, i just included the blocked app in the exclusion list... after that the installation proceeded without a glitch. smile.gif i'm just wondering if what i did was right... adding it to exclusion. although i think it's not a malware of any sort... so i guess what i did was ok right? smile.gif the "objects" and "threat type" got me a bit confused. and since i've succcessfully installed the USB modem, should i remove the exclusions i just made, or just leave it be? smile.gif
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