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I am trying to renew the Barclays bank's offer of a years trial version of the internet security package. However, I have followed all of the links, entered my details and it just keeps telling me that "Something's not right. Please check what you have entered." I have checked and rechecked and rechecked the details that I have entered and they are correct. What is going wrong and how do I correct it and get the Barclays renewal activation code?


Earlier this year, I had to put the computer back to factory settings and the same thing happened then, however that was a little easier just a matter of obtaining the existing activation code so Kaspersky sent my the link again so I managed to get that sorted.

This time I am trying to renew it and it just won't accept my emailaddress or my Barclays membership number, one or the other. I have even tried to reapply using a different email address instead but the same thing happens. There is also a thing at the bottom that you have to enter the numbers and letters that you can see. I have tried to do this in both capital letters AND lower case but that makes no difference either.


I have written to: And their answer was this "You will need to contact Barclays directly on 0845 600 2323 and verify that all of the information that you are using to register is correct. Alternatively you can access the link for more information

If you have lost a code they have issued, they will be able to re-issue this to you.

Please let us know if you require further assistance."


This isn't any help whatsoever, The only details that the form asks for are your email address and your Barclays membership number. What's to check with Barclays??? I know my own membership number AND my email address! Time is running out and I need this sorted, please help me.


Thank you for any help received




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This is something you will have to take it up with Barclays Support.

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