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  1. I'm testing KSC9 and KES8 on a small group of desktops (the vast majority are still on KAK8 and KAV6). The test group are a mixed group of Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit). I have an automatic install task for KES 8, which is set to "Do not install application if it is already installed", and is scheduled to run hourly. Once KES is installed and working, the computers should be detected as "application already installed" and then the install task shouldn't install any software onto them. However, that's not what's happening - instead, about every day or two, it reinstalls KES on the computer, which, of course, forces a reboot. My test users are getting rather annoyed with this, understandably. I'm only seeing this on the Windows XP machines - the Windows 7 machines don't have the problem, and it reliably detects them as having KES already installed and doesn't ask to reinstall. Are there logs for this detection that I can pull?
  2. That would make sense, the computer with the error is using Acrobat 8 Standard, which is a licensed version. There is nothing in the unprocessed file repository in security centre at all.
  3. I'm testing Kaspersky Endpoint Security before a big rollout (to 600 + desktops/laptops - big for me, anyway!). One of my test desktops is reporting software vulnerabilities in applications that aren't installed on it. I'm seeing a report of SA45397 in FlexNet Publisher 11.x and of SA37563 in Adobe Illustrator CS4 14.x Neither of these applications is installed at all. The computer also now shows up as being in the Warning status with the status description being "There are unprocessed objects". How can I identify what is causing these incorrect reports of applications that aren't installed, and resolve the status back to OK?
  4. I'm running lots of servers on my network; getting on for a hundred. Only one of them is running Kaspersky Admin Kit, though. I was trying to install Network Agent from the Admin Kit server onto the other servers, so I can remotely install and manage the AV; but it was failing from my admin server, so I tried to install it from the server directly because I usually find that I get better error messages that way. The account I'm using is a domain admin and definitely has admin rights on the servers that it's installing onto. I have got a server/client setup.
  5. There are a couple of computers on my network, both running Windows Server 2003, where I'm having a problem with installing the Network Agent. I've tried manually installing from the server console and I get an error message saying: "error deleting the information about application connectors" and then the wizard completes, saying that the install failed. Kaspersky Admin Kit says "Host is out of control" for these servers.
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