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  1. . . . . and as of a few moments ago, can confirm that removal of 2017 KIS and install of 2016 KIS (Ver 16.01.445 (g)) the issue with my pre-existing 3rd party VPN service is 'gone'. So I'll keep tabs on things here and with my VPN to see if there is a going forward solution as I certainly don't want to stagnate at Ver 2016 despite having an ability to simply update the dbase and be reasonably safe.
  2. Errrrrr . . . no. There have been reports about disrupting 3rd party VPNs. A view of recent posts in this very forum confirms that. I tried the 'trusted apps' think in KIS 2017 and it didn't stop the issue. Currently removing 2017 and will try and see if I could install 2016 and prevent any update to 2017 until I hear of a resolution to the issue from either K or my 3rd party VPN.
  3. Say . . . this isnt something I would normally consider, but is it possible to install an earlier version of KIS that doesn't present the problem but that will offer secure internet security by just updating databases and not the program??
  4. Uninstall VPN software?? There is no 'install' but rather using it within my router settings . . . It does the same job? Well, given the problem with K's VPN off of the get go, no thanks. After a decade or more of using their software, I'd simply dump Kaspersky and use software that doesn't have issues with a separate VPN service. But I 'will' wait and see what either Kaspersky or my VPN comes up with; but not waiting forever and if it seems K's solution isn't going to come around, again . . . dump Kaspersky. That was an annoying bit of **** to suddenly see some intrusive VPN feature enabled by default during a Kaspersky product update.
  5. (d) My VPN service . . . . . not important as it appears the problem 'has' been identified by all parties.
  6. There 'is' some kind of problem that Kaspersky introduced of late. I'm having the same issues with my VPN service (and posted a day or so ago about it). My VPN service has indicated they are trying to deal with an increase in user problems centered about it 'and' that they had been in contact with Kaspersky. But today . . . . same goddamn problems.
  7. This Secure Connection feature suddenly appeared on my Win 7 workstation. Having a separate VPN service I've relied upon for a few years that works very well, I first looked hot to disable SEcure Connection but became so annoyed that it would be thrust in with an update that I ended up removing the offending program/feature. Now, whether fluke or not, having issues with connecting with that existing VPN. Read a few pointed posts about issues with a recent update and VPN service. Does this extend to all of KIS and if so, is a solution coming? Rather pointed but haven't got my head around this as I don't really police my software very much so am a bit in the dark with this. My VPN service indicated that 'yes', they have received complaints of their service not working well of late and common to all of those complaints was Kaspersky products. Appreciate any/all info you folks may have. Thanks.
  8. Topic title is pretty much self explanatory, this on a Win 64 system. Kicker is that KIS has worked seamlessly for years with the same system. Then a month or so ago, unable to use Connector software to connect to server. After fiddling about much too long, 'paused' KIS and voila . . . connected. So set it back on but disabled KIS 'Firewall' . . . voila . . . connected. But I'm damned to know just what in the firewall is preventing this from occuring. That all said, I really can't recall if I had set the 'Firewall' to enabled at any point in the past; likely not as I'm using a hardware router with a good firewall built in, hadn't had issues ever with that setup and so as far back as I could remember never used another software firewall in tandem. So perhaps some KIS update enabled the Firewall?? This every possible during an install or update? Anyway, with that Firewall down all works, but it has me wondering just what and how this did change.
  9. Using KIS 14.00.4651 (h). Computer boots up fine, all is well. Half hour later I just happened to check out an icon in my notification area and I see KIS 'greyed out'. Hovering over it, the OS tells me that it is still "Starting". Seems to be running (has option to 'pause protection', task manager shows it running and program itself when opened show it operational. About an hour later (checking now and then) no more 'starting' text and seems to be running normal, although icon still 'greyed out'. Is something up or is this a new look? Update a few seconds before posting . . . . after pausing and resuming, now a coloured icon and all is good. Question is still there though . . . . any thoughts or suggestions? thanks
  10. Have a site (www.cbc.ca) that in order to view flash, I've found I have to disable the use of the Kaspersky banner list in the anti-banner settings. Misunderstood at first the function of the two lower seeting re: unblocked and blocked . . . I thought that they added or removed blocking of what was already listed in the Kaspersky list. Had added in a general then specific url for the cbc.ca/video feed with the anti-banner and list 'checked', but still no video. Uncheck use the anti-banner list, and all videos work fine. What I was wondering is it possible to manually edit the list to remove what is preventing the cbc.ca videos from playing? If not, open to any suggestion of how easy to do this. Should add, I want to have the anti-banner feature working as it works well on other sites, but I 'don't want to constantly engage/disengage the banner list checkbox to view each and every video. thanks
  11. I'm currently using KAV. Using a wired/wireless router for my network connections. I have a program that had issues with extremely long start-up times. Long and short, found that the program scans 'all' network devices upon startup and this is where the lag occurs. In my case NAS, wireless devices and storage. When I disable the network adapter, startup is pretty much instantaneous and the program is ready to go with local drives. So checked my router and I'm almost 100% certain that the router (ASUS N66U) can't block network access for a particular program. I see that Windows firewall may be able to do so, so this got me to thinking to upgrade to KIS and perhaps it can do this. So my question . . . can KIS block all network access for any particular program? Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  12. Man . . . to all of this . . . what a ridiculous ****ing requirement for upgrading security software that prompts you for an automatic upgrade. That said, hoping it works as I also have run into the lead poster's issue.
  13. Trying out KAV 7. Working good (had a very slow startup that was partially solved by a combo of re-install and full scan). I'm considering trying out KIS for the additional selective firewall features. To those that may have done this, can the trial of KIS be installed over a working trial of KAV w/o needing to conduct a full system scan (my system scan took the better part of 14 hours!). Perhaps I should first ask, can a trial version of KIS be installed over a trial of KAV, or does it require full uninstall/reinstall?
  14. Interestingly enough, after my post I canceled the scan and just restarted - not making any changes whatsoever. Running now good, albeit slow (although the speed is what I would suspect with the size of the data sets that I have). So with fingers crossed, I'll see. But still interested in why then and not now. But I'll wait until all is 'done' (!?) and then check out the log to see how it handled that file. And with a nod to your suggestion, time for some study beyond my pushbutton approach. thanks