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  1. I can confirm the display, or non-display, when accessing the web interface of a Dell 3448P switch. I ran into this yesterday. Until I saw this thread I thought it was my browser. Sure enough, when I disabled KES 10 the address tables displayed correctly.
  2. That is how we do it. Though, we are on Google Apps for Enterprise so no need to forward.
  3. The patch works on a.b.c.d. I have not tried it on a.b.c.dpf80 yet. When it is released with the auto patch, will there be something in the version that will identify it has been applied? Thanks again.
  4. Is this for only? We have experienced this issue on as well. Thank you in advance.
  5. We have been experiencing this since last week, or earlier, with Now it seems to have returned to a.b.
  6. We are also experiencing this issue. Windows 7 and XP, Chrome (Version 25.0.1364.97 m), KES (a.b.c.d). When KES is disabled no problem. I was able to add Chrome as a Trusted Application, and prevent scanning on port 443.
  7. I was able to add my subnets as exclusion, allowing me to keep Network Attack Protection enabled.
  8. We are also experiencing this. I already had the firewall / network packet rule set to allowed for RDP. I'll have to try disabling Network Attack Protection until this is resolved.
  9. Our entire network experienced it this morning.
  10. With the Sonicwall GVC we have been uninstalling it prior to the installation of KAV. Then install the latest GVC version
  11. That is what I did last Friday. Followed the provided instructions. Worked very well.
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