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  1. if approved kes10sp1MR3 in software updates, all clients should install the new update. something else need to install on the KSC server? thanks.
  2. Hi As run the utility, the client can't contact KSC server, It should be DNS resolution problem, I add the KSC server IP address into host file in the client, reinstalled the kes10sp1mr2 package, then the policy running well. I will find more clients to test. thanks a lot.
  3. Hi I can create the policy for KES10sp1mr2 now, but new problem as Vqatti mentioned, the policy didn't work. I create remote installation package ( and put on the share folder in KSC server, the client can install the KES10SP1MR3, but no policy. I did installed the plug-in for KES10SP1MR2MR3. someone meet the problem before? thank you.
  4. Hi Please check the attachment, I don't know how to paste the snapshot in the screen. the security settings is fine I think.
  5. I am using local administrator and can create policy for kes10 sp1 successfully, but no luck for kes10 sp1 MR2 and above version. is it something wrong with privilege?
  6. it is no help after I install SP2 and the plug-in on the KSC server, the policy items are still gray, can't edit.
  7. Hello After I converted the policy, the policy (for KES10 SP1 MR2 for windows) still can't edit. something else need I do? thanks.
  8. Hello The new update will resolve the policy issue? install the update and related plug-in in the KSC server?
  9. Hello For the current environment, update to SP2 doesn't allow, so please advise me how can I resolve KES10 SP1 MR3 policy issue? I missed to do something? thanks.
  10. I download Kes10 Sp1Mr2Mr3 plug-in from, and installed in the server. How to convert policy? please advise. thank you.
  11. I am using administrator, I can create policy with kes 10 sp1, but when create policy for kes 10 sp1 mr2, the items can't edit.
  12. NetAgent is 10.2.434, KES is, just want the KES compatible with win 10 v1607, I installed the plug-in for kes10 sp1mr2, something else need to do? thank you.
  13. Hi, After I installed the KES10 SP1 MR2 plugin, when I create the new policy, I can see there is one item for KES10 SP1MR2, but the policy content can't edit, all are gray. Do you know how to resolve? thank you.
  14. when I create new policy, the items are gray, can't edit. My KSC version is 10.2.434, previous client version is I just installed KES 10 sp1 MR2 plugin, want to create new policy for this version, so it could support win 10 v 1607,but the items can't be edited. someone know the problem? thank you.