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  1. Thank you for your time and effort Berny, I appreciate it.
  2. On the instruction page at https://support.kaspersky.com/14226#block1 and under the heading "How to create a bootable USB using Rufus in the ISO image mode", step #4 says Select FAT32. My question is: Is selecting FAT32 correct? My laptop has the NTFS filing system, so I'm not sure that selecting FAT32 (as per instructions) is correct. Perhaps it's because it will be saved onto USB.
  3. Thank you Indio for your replies. Until someday when Kaspersky decides to inform customers of available program updates, I guess I'll have to check the forum periodically for new versions being available.
  4. Thank you Indio for your quick response. What update app are you referring to?
  5. Won't all my settings be lost if I uninstall Kaspersky first before installing new version?
  6. Hi nexon, thank you for your prompt response. If I uncheck rootkit scan under performance, will that also exclude a root kit scan during full scans? I assume a root kit scan is included in the full scan, perhaps I am wrong and it's not.
  7. I have Total Security and wish to know why an update to the newest version is not automatic when the program checks for updates daily? The only reason I found out that an update was available (version 17) was because I came on this forum and read the post announcing that version 17 was available. Thank you for your time.
  8. I have 2 questions regarding Root Kit Scans: (1) Is it necessary to scan for root kits everyday? The reason I am asking is that Total Security by default scans for root kits everyday and I feel this is not really necessary. (2) If it is not necessary, is there a way to either disable it before the scan starts or schedule the scan for once a week or something other than daily? Thank you for your time.
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