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  1. Hey, thanks for your help = Password Manager seems to be working now. However, would you know why it does not open in safe money? Whenever I go click on the website in KPM, it doesn't open in safe money, but it opens in my regular Chrome browser, would you know why? And is safe money an option I should really use?
  2. I clicked on the link to download and it said 'KPW is already installed in this computer.' Should I uninstall/reinstall Kaspersky in general?
  3. Yes, I did. But when I click on a website, it does not remember email and password, why?
  4. Hi, remember me? Well nothing changed. I contacted Kaspersky who wasn't of any help whatsoever. They told me Kaspersky does not delete webpages. I could not repeat myself enough by telling them that the websites that were deleted were saved in the chrome browser that opens after clicking in 'safe money.' The person did not understand that the websites saved in 'safe money' were still there - I am referring to all the other webpages that I bookmarked in chrome under safe money after the software updated itself, which I found odd since I just installed it two weeks prior. On top of that, PW Manager stopped working - it does not remember any email/passwords I had saved with it. What is going on!! Regretting this purchase. The assistant who emailed back told me to save each page now on an external drive as back-up. Yeah, pretty much validating my point that this software sucks.
  5. I installed Total Security two weeks ago. I went from internet to Kaspersky 'total security.' I have windows 10, and the application version is 19.1 Just two days ago, I saw the software somehow update itself so I shut it down that evening before bed. When I turned on my laptop the next morning, I noticed the Kaspersky window looked different than it did prior to the upgrade. I was prompted to sing in to Password Manager, to which I did, and then clicked on to my saved pages with my saved password, and not only did it not recognize my email address, it did not have my password. I re-entered the info and then when signed in, I wasn't even prompted by Kaspersky to re-enter my info to be saved. All this happened right after it self-updated, which I found odd since it was just installed two weeks ago. Any ideas?
  6. Well, with the link above, I was able to locate the file. But here's the thing - the saved pages were from the browser that of Internet Security 2017 ! So the Kaspersky Internet Security of 2018 that I had saved pages on are now irretrievable I believe, since what I now upgraded to is the Total Security. I had Total Security back in 2017 and since I reinstalled Total Security now, the link above shows the saved pages I had in 2017. I hope this makes sense. I cannot seem to retrieve my 2018 saved pages that I had with Internet Security.
  7. Yes, I did as you say. I replaced my name as requested. Didn't work! I think I won't be able to retrieve them. I'm so upset. I guess Internet Security & Total Security are two different products. I initially had Total Security but I purchased Internet Security because of the difference in price (half off) However, now I went back to Total Security and forgot that I was going to encounter this with the saved pages. Oh well. I'll do my best to remember what I had saved. The relieving part is that 1/4 of the pages are in the previous Total Security I had saved in, but now I need to somehow get back the remaining 3/4 of them! Doubtful...
  8. Thanks so much for your response. You are right, I was vague with my explanation - I realized that after I posted. Before I try your suggestion, just to clarify, I meant I just used Chrome. I don't know why I said Explorer. So, when I opened Chrome, my 'saved pages" were the ones already there when I had installed the Internet Security (which was done accidentally, needless to say.) Now with the Total Security that I upgraded to, I want to retrieve the 'saved pages' I had all year on Internet Security. I hope your suggestion works. If my clarification of my issue requires me to do something else, please let me know, thank you!!
  9. I had Internet Security and I just updated today to Total Security. Upon doing so, I was prompted to install Password Manager, which I did. I was asked to choose my browsers and I chose what I use - Chrome, on occasion, but mostly Explorer. So I opened Explorer, and noticed that all my 'saved pages' I visit have disappeared. I believe I had this problem when I accidentally installed internet security instead of total security last year - all my saved pages were gone. Now, I believe since I installed Total Security again, it recalled all the pages I had last time on internet security, and that's what is showing up now. I completely forgot about this feature. I have not saved them all in the 'safe money' section because I have over 100 pages saved, and it's more convenient to have them in the explorer files on the right side of the browser. What I'm asking is can I retrieve the saved pages from the internet security web browser I just had prior to my update today? I'm so upset because there are so many pages I cannot remember! Please tell me there is a way!
  10. Ok good news - figured it out myself, or maybe I didn't fully understand if anyone mentioned it before. As I said, I have anti-malware, so all I needed to do is right-click the "M" on the bottom right of my computer and click 'exit.' So as soon as I did that, protected browser opened in safe money. Thanks again - Kaspersky, I guess, is a keeper.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions but nothing worked. All it did is add stress. I'm going to buy another anti-virus. This is not working and just unbelievably difficult for me. I do not understand why they make these things so difficult - this is not simplifying anything for the user. Thank you again for everything, however, Kaspersky has lost this customer.
  12. Hey, thanks so much for your help! So, in other words so I understand, having just downloaded chrome hrs ago, you are recommending I un-reinstall Kaspersky? I'll try anything!! And then do I do the same, go to 'threats and exclusions' and add chrome like this: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/11390?cid=pe#block2 So you are saying i'll be able to use safe money with chrome? B/c now I can't even checkout on some sites!! Thx again!
  13. hi, sorry I meant to ask you the question above, Fenderman1....I don't mean to hijack any thread :bt:
  14. Hi, Maybe you can help me...? My laptop upgraded itself to win 10 over the weekend, as a result, I could only use Microsoft edge as a browser. Now, I had no idea that 'safe money' is unable to open Microsoft edge browser. I contacted Kaspersky online and by phone, told to install google chrome (which, needless to say slow downed my laptop) and still, safe money cannot open. I was given a link to add chrome under 'threats and exclusions,' and nothing! I still cannot open browser with safe money......only when I exit Kaspersky by right-clicking on the bottom right 'k' does chrome open. I intentionally bought this for its safe money feature and I can't use it! I can't even checkout on some sites! I'm ready to go back to Norton as much as I don't want to...any advice?
  15. okay, it was just recommended to me to default to the chrome browser...could you tell me please where to download it bc I don't think I have it my laptop! Thanks again. I have to make it work now, because I just tried to checkout and I was prevented to do so because of the browser unsupported by Kaspersky
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