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  1. Have you contacted Kaspersky support yet?
  2. MachineFingers

    Paid for Renewal but Email not received

    Has this problem been resolved?
  3. Totally welcome, tech support can always get it added to the lists to block sotes.
  4. MachineFingers

    suspending scans while playing games

    Totally welcome
  5. MachineFingers

    suspending scans while playing games

    Hi Arsenal123, Try this: Open up kaspersky > Settings > performance > tick Use Gaming Mode. Any better?
  6. Here is the correct tech support site: https://support.kaspersky.com/us Here is the correct one for support: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#region6
  7. Hi kasperskybubba009, Just 2 things that I have noticed. 1) There is a newer version of KTS now and it can be found here: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/395501-kaspersky-total-security-build-19001088/ 2) There is a newer version of windows 10 and the build is 1803. TO update please go to settings > Update and Security > Check for windows updates > it will find newer ones download them, and automatically install them. When you have done both of these please let us know if the problem has been resolved.
  8. MachineFingers

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2017.win7,4GB RAM

    Hi Jesssapp, Please read here for the system specs of that software. https://support.kaspersky.com/12743 Also There should be 2019 edition available now, and that is the latest. I suggest an upgrade too :-).
  9. MachineFingers

    When is this coming to NZ?

    Tech support has told me that it is expected to come out in August this year. There you go for any one in NZ that has been wanting to know.
  10. MachineFingers

    When is this coming to NZ?

    Ok I will ask tech support and I will post what answer they give me since your are giving me answers that are useless.
  11. I find that there is no real difference between the 2 versions. I am personally using the UK version from using the USA version.
  12. MachineFingers

    When is this coming to NZ?

    I have been waiting for months for this to come here to NZ. When is it happening? I dont want to see when it is ready either, that is a crappy answer.
  13. You must be in the insiders ring, when I used to do that for quite a while, Kaspersky was never compatible until the public version came out.
  14. MachineFingers

    High cpu usage when doing certain tasks

    Also in addition to what Richbuff has said, I noticed that you said that you have windows 10 1709, just to let you know version 1803 is out now of windows 10.
  15. Totally welcome, glad I was able to help you out. :-).

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