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  1. Kaspersky certificate not verified

    Thank you Indio :-).
  2. Kaspersky certificate not verified

    Glad to hear that is it working out for you :-).
  3. If you like you can turn off the rootkit scanning, to do this go to kaspersky and open it, then settings performance then untick Search for software that is intended to conceal traces of a malicious program in the system (rootkits). I personally have everything in the performence settings all unticked except for prevent infection during operating system restart.
  4. Sounds like to me you need to get a new hard drive, it could be wearing out. How long have you had your WD 2.5" 2TB HDD?
  5. Kaspersky certificate not verified

    Hi WWDOg, Try this, open up KTS, then go to settings > Additional > Network > then under Encrypted Connections Scanning, change that setting to Do not scan encrypted connections. See if that works for you :-). Please let me know if that works for you.
  6. I will be watching very closely :-). Thank you.
  7. Awesome thank you, and another question for you guys if kaspersky cloud is coming, will KTS will be around? Like a 2019 edition?
  8. They tell me is going to be in the 2nd term or 1/2, like I really know when that is. Lol.
  9. Hey guys, Just wondering, when does the Kaspersky Cloud products come to New Zealand?
  10. 2FA for Kaspersky Password Manager

    Would be awesome if we have options with 2FA and UFA for password protection in Kaspersky all together, both website and app. I would love to see this since I mainly use UFA.
  11. So far no. But what version do you have on your computer Barri?
  12. Website for Nest.com not loading

    Hi he4dhunter247, Hey have you tried this site in firefox? I can access it on my end.
  13. KTS 2018 d - no context menu

    Hi SomeOneInEurope1 , Just wondering, what version of kaspersky have you got?
  14. Problem with GMX Mail

    Hi gerhard micholitsch, Just wondering what version of KTS do you have? You can find this out by moving your cursor to the red K over by the clock on your taskbar.
  15. Hi Whats up, Sometimes you have to be very very persistent to get any form of help through the tech support, I have had my fair share of problems with them as well, and I keep going till its fixed, they get annoyed with it and absolutely hate it when you use their own lines back from them. I have wondered sometimes if they really do understand english.