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  1. bytelegend ?

    Thank you for that site, I have blocked it through parental control on my router :-).
  2. Malwarebytes - compatibility issues?

    Hi TheAntiDoteAgain, As far as I know, Kaspersky and Malwarebytes are compatible.
  3. I have never had an alert to say there was a newer version, I have always had to rely on the forum or tech support or the site for updated version of KTS. The so called notification that we are supposed to get with this in my opinion is a lie. I have been with Kaspersky for 7 years now, and never once had a notification to say that there is a newer version of KTS.
  4. What to do with MBAM PUP Iolo detections

    Hi Sajflad, The lolo products are: System Mechanic Pro System Mechanic Pro Classic System Mechanic Classic System Mechanic Privacy Guardian System Mechanic Business System Shield Search and recover Drive Scrubber Theres are all the windows apps from lolo http://www.iolo.com/downloads/. I think that if you don't want any of these and have one on your computer you can always remove it :-). My personal opinion with lolo products, is they do more harm then good.
  5. Software Installer Installed Malware

    Hi KIS_Rjp_Bob, Yes there was a hacker who got in to Piriforms and or Avair's servers for CCleaner, and they modifed that app to infect people. To stop this, remove CCleaner and download the latest version (the latest version of CCleaner is clean). I have been following that problem since it happened but lucky for me I was not infected. The latest version of CCleaner is 5.35.6210. If I remember correctly the infected versions of CCleaner was 5.33 and 5.34.
  6. Hey Alexy, In addition to what Mefodys said, did you not get an email with your kaspersky licence in it?
  7. Hi Tmod700, In addition to what richbuff has said (please scroll up two posts), I do agree with you, even thought you use their uninstallers they do still leave left overs. So I thought to share with you with what I do. I remove the software using IObit uninstaller. Why? Because it removes the software the standard way (and creates a system restore point just in case) then after the normal uninstall, you can get it to scan for leftovers. Then I delete the leftovers before rebooting my laptop. Always works well for me. Infact I do that when I upgrade my KTS software.
  8. Internet payment issue with Protected browser

    Hi Rama Raju, I have had the same problem as well and have been been reporting the problem since 2 years on and off, now its to a point that i have turned this feature off altogether.
  9. I am having the same problem to, I don't want to know that somethings have been blocked from my webcam, I turned it on for that reason. I wouldn't mind seeing Kaspersky add an option to hide some of the notifications to be honest.
  10. How do I start a manual Rootkit scan?

    Nice thank you guys. Would be good to see in the next version or something that we can do this manually too. Also when is cloud coming to NZ?
  11. Status of Kaspersky

    The USA is always making crap up because they cannot get their own way. The way I see it, if kaspersky stops people like the NSA GCSB etc from getting into my laptop then I'm happy. I also don't think that Kaspersky should get the source code to the USA, because those pricks are going to let the NSA make malware that kaspersky wont detect. I wouldn't trust the government if my life depended on it. We're all expendable to them and all governments are terrorist.
  12. How do I start a manual Rootkit scan?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering, how do I start a manual rootkit scan?
  13. Hey Guys, Just wondering, how do I start a manual rootkit scan?
  14. FIXED. Cause: Misconfiguration on the router.