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  1. I agree with you, if I changed a rule, so keep the rule KIS and it is very difficult to reproduce the issue. I just caught that because I was dealing with a penetration test for a paper.
  2. Thank you, but in KIS 2016 (same settings) it doesn't happen (testing for two days so far) .... I can think in 2 options: KIS 2017 changed the design or it is a bug ... only the developer knows that. If someone from Kasperky says that they changed the behavior and now it is a new change from KIS 2016, I will change my settings according to those ones you wrote. Until that, I can only " to presume". I will wait for KIS 2017 next update to see the behavior. Thank you for your time in this topic
  3. Windows 7 64 bits (all windows updates) KIS 2017 configuration: general perform recomended actions automaticaly (disabled) protection application control (enabled) trust digitally signed applications (enabled) load rules for applications from KSN (enabled) additional protection tools settings ksn (enabled) tools trusted applications mode (enabled) All other stuffs in default mode I opened all my applications trusted (skype etc) and not trusted with invalid certification or without a certification(popcorn, etc) After that I opened application control and I moved all applicatons to trusted group. Randomly some rules are moved to another group. I check the reports (detailed reports) for popcorn for example and I saw that it was moved again without my interaction. In application control, I check popcorn details .. I can see that it was moved by KSN or by a calculation, in history I can see that it was moved several times. Why does it disturbe me ? Because when I run popcorn (example), it takes time to run because KIS will check KSN and move the application again and sometimes I have to answer a prompt to decide what I wanna do with that application. I moved to KIS 2016, so far so good.
  4. Hi, first of all, very thank you for your reply. I opened a ticket , talking about that , but they didn't reply me yet ;( I would agree with you, that it could be by design, but as someone tells ... it doesn´t happen in KIS 2016. Only if it is a new design (KIS 2017). I think it is a bug. Why ? Because it checked SKYPE and applied a new rule, but the skype didn´t change its checksum in my machine and as the log says, it didn´t change the rate score in KSN. If I trust in an application, KIS should check if that checksum changed, if not, it should respect my setting. (my modest opinion) Imagine an update in that application, KIS should asked all those things, because for KIS is a new application (different checksum) ... then I would agree with KIS.
  5. It happens also if the signature status is OK and with certificate OK. Take a look in a trusted application SKYPE .... I didn't update SKYPE, even so KIS recalculates the rating I will disable "Load rules for applications from Kasperky Security Network (KSN)" and "Trust digitally signed applications". Lets see what will happen
  6. Hi, It seems that even if I move an application to trusted group .... after some time .... KIS recalculates the rating of that application and change the group.
  7. Hi ! I am using KIS and I am also loosing some rules in Application Control after a reboot... It is a clean installation in a Windows 7 64 bits If I change an application to a trusted group .... it is removed from that group and changed to low restricted group after a reboot. It only happens when an application has a missing/error verifying signature status in certificate status or an empty digital signature vendor
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