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  1. hi guys, i dunno what Kaspersky does sometimes but again STEAM shows me the error code, disabling kaspersky then works. does anyone got a solution maybe? thx
  2. hi Allan, habe auch jetzt das gleiche Problem mit Steam, konntest du eine Lösung finden?
  3. Hi thx for your reply! 1. no results are shown i tried to open creative cloud which now opens not also. at around 13:45 o'clock german time, no report in there which occured around this time. 2. (j) 3. Win 10 1909 - i wont update win10 4. yesterday i could open creative cloud but when i wanted to install an app it showed me error code 119. today when i start creative cloud app it says "adobe servers not reachable" 5. of course clean installed. thx
  4. thx a lot!!! so with the suggestions to “please disable your security suite” from Adobe what shall i proceed with? again thx!
  5. Hello, i just installed my creative cloud app and wanted to install photoshop or any other app and it always gives me the error code 119. when i complete turn off/close kis i can install without problems. so i added the creative cloud.exe to the trusted apps in kaspersky, but the error still occurs ? does anyone got any tips? thx
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