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  1. I went ahead and disabled the task from each machine manually. I only have 90 days left on my license and at this time I will not be renewing. Just too many differences between machines all using the same policy. Half my machines report "No internet connection" when clearly there is internet, other computers on the same policy have no issue. Some computers I install OpenVPN and Kaspersky immediately deletes the EXE without any notification, other PCs it installs and runs fine. There's just too much variation in how policies affect different computers and the administration side tends to be painful.
  2. Seriously? I need to redeploy KES to all my clients?
  3. OK. I'm at the latest version KSC 10.3.407 Still can't find a way to bulk administer the Full Scan task.
  4. Client: Server: 10.2.434 I'm not sure where the "tasks" list you are looking for. Here's the tasks for my test group where the scan I added resides. I have no task list that corresponds to what the clients have.
  5. That did not work. Creating a task only added ANOTHER full scan task. I need to delete or remove the default one. Also the scope only has the option for "All hard drives". I need to specifically EXCLUDE a drive from the full system scan, I don't see a way to do that. I need to remove or edit #1 from the image above
  6. But where is this at in the KSC? I can't find it anywhere. So I create a new task for full scan, does that override the built in task that is already on all the machines?
  7. Where can I configure this? Every computer is scanning at 7am on Mondays and scanning EVERYTHING causing insane network traffic. Every search result I find is for the home version or for 2012? I don't have a "task" defined for this, it is just part of the default policy somewhere I can't find. Any help appreciated.
  8. Check your program location. The built in profile for "Skypehost.exe" in the Trusted Applications is not correct. For my setup I had to manually add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" After adding this, my issue was resolved. To Kaspersky Support: Sorry I didn't reply to the incident, I was on vacation and it auto-closed. But thank you for the assistance!
  9. Java isn't supported in Chrome anymore and I really don't want to install FF. I added a response to my case that has two dropbox links to download the files. Hopefully that will work.
  10. I have the files, where do I upload them? EDIT: I opened a request from my Company Account. The upload file box doesn't work there either as it is not signed code so blocked in IE.
  11. I also have this problem with Skype for Desktop (standard download, not business) on Win10 x64. Skype will not even get to logon prompt unless I disable: IM A/V Mail A/V Web Control Web A/V If any one of those is enabled Skype will not connect. Please advise.