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  1. Okkkk, retain 30 days the updates files after their installation.... What about if for 400 MB of updates Kaspersky tool download from 3 to 9 GB on clients? :dash1:
  2. Hello Dmitry, Full GSI Report is 2.5 MB, exceed maximum dimension fo a single upload. How can send it to you? I saw that after the installation of the updates, the folder $FTClTmp has been emptied, while the Wusfiles folder remained filled with approximately 3.3 GB of data. All machines are in the same situation. Data remained in Wusfiles folder on clients vary from 3.3 GB on win 7 32 bit to 9.3 GB on win 10 64 bit I'm waiting for help.
  3. Edit In the image file atached you can see an example: The update activity says 450 MB to download for updates Actually in the folder and subfolders there are 6.4 GB of data Thanks Bruno
  4. Hello Kirill. 1. We are using KSC 10.3.407 2. "Abnormal" mean that on every client are copied 7-9 GigaBytes of data. It happens since the last 10 days. 3. Yes we have update installation tasks, on some computers they're running on others not, but at the end, 2-3 days after update completition data file remain on client disks. Thank you.
  5. Hello Ivan, thanks for the answer. The option is already disabled and we have just one server with this role assigned in a group.
  6. Good morning. Since last week we noticed an abnormal increase of the space used by the protection system in c:\program data\KasperskyLab\adminkit\1103\. Under this folder there are two subfolders called WSUSFiles and $FTClTmp. We know that they are working folder used by the system to deliver the updates and installation package. What it's wrong for us is that they persists on endpoint disks and take so much disk space. In summary each endpoint appears to act as an update agent. Pls give us a solution for it. Thank's for your quick answer. Bruno
  7. Hello, we have today the same issue. Did you solved it? How? Thank's for yours appreciate answer. Bruno
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