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  1. Hi Kirill, this might out of topic. usually, on desktop version, they will auto upgrade by itself. how about for endpoint? can I set like that? auto upgrade? if can, any reference? thanks.
  2. Hi Ivan, thanks for your prompt reply. already solved. many thanks. anyway, the version is Version: 10.1.249 thanks.
  3. Hi there, need help please. Suddenly I can't open kaspersky security center, it shown: --------------------------- Kaspersky Security Center --------------------------- Connection to Administration Server failed. Administration Server was improperly installed or invalid server address was specified. Try to specify another server address and connect again. --------------------------- Yes No --------------------------- just last friday everything was ok. we use Kaspersky endpoint security 10. thank you
  4. Hi, sorry late reply. will noted your advice. so there is no option/way to solve this, without compromise the firewall? perhaps there is patch or something like that to solve this issue. thank you.
  5. Hi, KES version is KSC version is 10.1.249 and yes, when disable firewall the problem disappears. thank you.
  6. Hi there, We have domain server with terminal server installed. The server run under windows server 2008 r2 64bit. Also we install kaspersky security center 10 and KES 10 itself. When kaspersky firewall active, clients can't connect to this server nor to use active directory for login info. Also, client can't update KES 10 with option update source to this domain server. Need help here. Thank you.