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  1. So you can't just press "select all", "copy" and "paste" in Anti-Banner?
  2. I also have problems with some ads that aren't blocked. I use Chrome, but I don't think having AdBlock and KIS Anti-Banner enabled at the same time is good for my system resources. KIS Anti-Banner is the only software I know about that works for the entire system, not just for a single browser, getting rid of ads from places I never thought possible. I'd be very pleased to know how to add more lists to it. I mean Anti-Banner was one the reasons I bought KIS. It's not that I'm unhappy with it, on contrary, but I'd really appreciate it if no ads at all get trough it. Also, Kaspersky, don't forget that some ads can contain malware.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but I have no idea what exactly to put in there to add let say EasyList. Adding "https://easylist.adblockplus.org/" to it doesn't work. Edit: Do I have to copy/paste everything that's in here?
  4. Hmm, I came to the idea to clone my virtual machine, uninstall KIS from the clone and install the trial of Pure on it. It works and was much less work.
  5. I'm using Kaspersky's Anti-Banner to block internet ads and it works pretty good, however I noticed that it isn't perfect, so some ads are still there. Is there a way to add more lists to it? I only see a "Use the banner list of Kaspersky Internet Security" in the Anti-Banner settings.
  6. Hmm OK, I didn't know that you provide Windows update packs? Or are you only referring to definition updates? Installing all available Windows updates after a Windows installation can take hours, especially .NET updates take forever.
  7. Ah ok, but wouldn't that mean that I have to install the entire OS every time I want to test something again, install all the updates, configure it all over again? Isn't there a way that requires less work?
  8. This option doesn't appear for me: https://support.kaspersky.com/images/kis201...en13-206120.png
  9. Well I tried it now that way, however after removing the activation of KIS on that cloned virtual machine I'm left with no trial at all and KIS just disabled itself. I can't find an "activate trial" button.
  10. Thanks for the information. How about the situation when duplication a virtual machine to test let's say a beta application? Will KIS automatically be converted to the 30 day trial? Do I have to do something before I duplicate it?
  11. I'm not sure if I should buy KIS for PCs or multiple devices. I have an iMac running Mavericks with 2 virtual machines (Windows) as well as a MacBook Pro running Mavericks. Of course Windows must have antivirus software installed however I've never used any protection except the built-in firewall as well as Gatekeeper for Mac OS X. I'm wondering if I should install KIS on Mac OS X as well since there are now a few Mac trojans out there? And why? (Don't just say that I should buy KIS for Mac as well just so Kaspersky gets more money^^) Or am I paranoid? Does anyone have experience with KIS for Mac? What would you do? According to my other topic about virtual machine licensing I would need 4 licences then even tough I only have 2 computers, am I right?
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