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  1. Hi I want to know about Kaspersky's reports of influences. Can you explain me? Can I discover Network Infiltration's and Attacks with Kaspersky ? how?
  2. Hi On a company that installed KSC 10.4 and KES 10.3, clients move from Managed device to unassigned device automatically, I check rules and don’t have any rules , why the reason? Can you help me?
  3. Hi I want to support my clients that are not focused in my company. 1-I don't want they get update from share of KSC, Is it possible they get update form Web Console or another way that isn't need to internet. 2-I want to remove Key from some clients after 2 month, I don't access these systems, How to do this through the console of kaspersky?
  4. I know it but They are many And Every day some new software to be added. Moreover, this settings exist ago and KES do not delete anything.
  5. Hi 1.I can't screenshot, I remote this system and when exit KES that system remote disconnect, he can't connect to network until run KES again. 2.In this folder exist all soft-wars that users use them, and don't should be removed, please help
  6. Hi On a network we have KES 10.2.5 on clients, we have 2 problem in this network : 1-on some clients when we exit the KES my network disconnected, after we run it again my network connect automatically, what the reason? what should I do to solve? 2-We allowed a folder for clients and put crack of softwares on this folder, they run softwares from this path, but after 10 month some softwares after run from this path delete. why? what should I do? Thanks
  7. for example this name : xiaodo but this user when delete another name create
  8. Hi On a server that have windows server 2008 R2 and installed KES on it, a user created automatically, we deleted it but again create new user on this server. Why the reason? What should I do to stop this process? The user thinks virus is causing the problem and tell us why kaspersky couldn't stop it?
  9. Hi KES Yes, I use KSC 10.3.407, I try to install KES from server and deploy it on client directly, but error is mcafee is exist. I enable this component in packages : "uninstall incompatible applications automatically' but when KES coulden't uninstall Mcafee. I search registry of windows but found some part of Mcafee that couldn't delete.
  10. Hi I want to install KES on a system but Mcafee installed on it before, He uninstall it and when I search this system don't find anything, but when I want to install KES error to exist Mcafee, Can you suggest a remover to uninstall it? I check with revo uninstaller, MCPR but not solve.
  11. Hi On a server that have KSC 10.3.407 I can't view virus report log, when I check "backup" and "quarantine" in KSC I view some files that detected, but in "Virus Report" of Admin Server not exist any things. Way this happen? Thanks.
  12. QUOTE(Lotfi_B @ 29.03.2017 16:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> To un-hide those files, open a command line console, and point it to the usb drive (for example F:). Then execute the following command : attrib -h -s * /s /d This command changes the file(s) (the * which means all files) attribues. (-h un-hide -s removes system file attribute from the file, /S /D to get executed recusively for every sub-folder) Hi I know this. But other AV do this automatically. I want know why Kaspersky don't have this ability?
  13. Hi I send my request in company account, Request number is : INC000007617299
  14. Yes , I check google.com but this error is exist.
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