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  1. Correction: "Kaspersky Scurity Scan." A vague memory told me the name I had written was not right. But to make sure and get the right name I just checked on the Kaspersky website. There under "Free Virus Scan" I also found the another free program I have never tried yet: "Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool." Out of curiosity I just downloaded it while typing this. I'll have it installed after hitting the "Add Reply" button to post this, and logging out.
  2. ... But returning to the subject, I'm not saying I was being spied on by Kaspersky -I don't know that- only that I saw that Hong Kong address after I had already uninstalled the free Kaspersky Security Scan. I had uninstalled it utilizing the default Kaspersky uninstaller. Lots of programs leave "left over" data on one's pc using only their default uninstallers. And sometimes a reboot is necessary. I don't remember if I had already rebooted my laptop. As an experiment, right after posting the above I re-installed that Kaspersky program again, and this time uninstalled it utilizing Revo Uninstaller, in its "Advanced" mode, which does a thorough after scan and removes all leftovers. It has been 12 days now and I have not seen the little red Chinese flag and Hong Kong address anymore on my Online Armor Firewall Status monitor. I plan on re-installing and utilizing Kaspersky's free Safety Scanner now and then for a good second opinion. :ay: edit: removed spy-thriller fodder.
  3. Hi! I've installed, utilized, and uninstalled the free Kaspersky Security Scan now and then for a second opinion, but although presently it's not installed on my laptop, I just noticed a few connections were made to Hong Kong using this IP: Looking it up I found out that it is an address apparently used by Kaspersky: http://whois.net/ip-address-lookup/ What puzzles me is why my laptop would make connections with that address even though the software is supposedly no longer on it... :aa: (Is someone spying here... forgive me if I'm mistaken.)
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