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  1. The "Resolving host..." problem I had with KIS 19 affected not just https sites but http ones too......
  2. I have just spent a few frustrating hours trying to troubleshoot a new problem with browsing via Google Chrome. Visits to new websites or simply opening a new tab (with Google as the default address) suddenly resulted in delays of quite a few seconds (instead of instantly before) and "Resolving host..." appearing in the bottom left of my Chrome screen. Thinking it might be use of my ISP's DNS, I switched to Cloudflare DNS - but this didn't fix it. Then I remembered that there was a KIS update this morning - improved for GDPR apparently! So I de-installed KIS 19 and hey presto, no more "Resolving host.." and instant response once more. I then re-installed KIS 19 from the Kaspersky.co.uk website (just to see if I could recreate the problem). Sure enough, once installed and KIS was fully working, I was back to slow response on web browsing and that "Resolving host..." message every time. I almost decided to choose another provider, but being the loyal Kaspersky chap I am, I decide instead to downgrade and managed to find a link to KIS 18 on the Kaspersky site. Am now back happily running KIS 18 with absolutely no delays etc. To stop KIS 19 creeping back in again, I've changed the Update Settings to "Do not download new versions..." on "New Application versions". I may try KIS 19 in a few weeks time - hopefully all the teething problems will be sorted by then! Hope this helps someone. Scenario: Windows 7 Pro Chrome Version 67.0.3396.62 (Official Build) (64-bit) KIS (bad) KIS (Good!!)
  3. Hi Kaspersky Team, Please scan my websites as follows: http://www.ascotconstructionltd.co.uk/ http://www.charlieturner.co.uk/ http://www.crowthornecomputerrepairs.co.uk/ http://www.gillmaybury.co.uk/ http://www.invincibles.org/ http://www.kendallinternet.co.uk/ http://www.kevin-andrews.co.uk/ http://www.oddjobhandymanservices.co.uk/ http://www.pagesgreenhouses.co.uk/ http://www.pltmarketing.co.uk/ Thanks for your help.
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