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  1. Hi all, Do you guys know if there is a way to set priority/affinity for avp process? In situation where I run Full scan clients machines are running on high CPU and are actually unusable. Thanks
  2. I can't believe that Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Enterprise edition is not!! @Igor Akhmentov looks like team that develop home product have access to 8.1 earlier that business product devs There is no word that I can describe how disappointed I am!
  3. Ok i found that you can force patch installation by creating installation package with patchmanager with /when now switch and than create task for computers. Sorry for hijack thread.
  4. Hi, I'm on the same boat. The only way so far is to run patches manually from client. In my case all patches has been copied to client but not installed. What I'm doing is to disable Self Defense copy patchmanager.exe to %programFiles%\kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows\Patches and run it. Even some new installations are not picking up all patches (with updated repository). So so annoying as i have more than 100 machines around the globe with it. Now I'm really scared with deploying Kaspersky as I don;t know what will happend! Kaspersky support is there a way to force it somehow from KSC?
  5. hi Dawinci, Thanks for update. I'm sure kaspersky is working on updated KES that will support 8.1 is there no Beta version that I and others can test? Thanks Greg
  6. hi guys, Did anyone of you had a luck with installing KES 10 on Windows 8.1? It was working fine on Windows 8 but now I'm unable to install it (fatal error during install). Install logs attached kl_install_2013_06_28_16_22_22.zip kl_install_2013_06_28_16_22_22.zip
  7. Hi Nikolay, 1 min interval sounds like lot of traffic? My network is not that big (around 1500 clients) but 1500 connections every minute + scheduled tasks it seems to be a lot of traffic to cope for 1 server. Not sure how big packets are send by network agent to server.
  8. Thanks Evgeny, I've reinstall OS. This was fresh install of Windows and kaspersky was installed as first application. Anyway everything is fine now.
  9. install logs kl_install_2013_06_03_17_15_35.7z
  10. GSI GetSystemInfo_SLO_LT_5LG2P3J_master_2013_06_04_10_51_57.zip
  11. Hi guys, I have issue with KES 10 removal. For some reason KES 10 installation didn't went well and the product is not installed correctly. I'm trying to re-install it but I have a fatal error every time. tried to Uninstall it from Add//Remove programs with no success. can't find logs anywhere and the error message FATAL ERROR is not really helpful. Do you guys know manual procedure (registry cleanup) to remove this product? KavRemover can't uninstall it. Client OS: Windows XP
  12. The problem is solved. Thanks everyone for your input. The problem was interVLAN connection and firewall was blocking port UDP 15000 between VLANs and that was preventing client management from KSC. Thanks Greg
  13. I'm not sure if that is correct approach. Is anyone testing this update? I still sorting out leftovers from patch B and I don't want to end up in the same situation.
  14. The problem is solved. Need to lock components in policy.
  15. Hi all, I have a issue with Roaming policy. I've created 2 policies, first lets call in "in office" has firewall disabled and 2nd has firewall enabled. The issue is that when I'm out of office (or when i brake connection to KSC) Roaming policy is not enabling the firewall. I can see that some settings from Roaming policy are applied (ie I can start or stop System Watcher, in in-office policy that function is disabled). So you guys have any clues what can be wrong? I've attached both policies for review. System details; Windows 7 x64 NA: 10.0.3361 KSC: 10.0.3361 Thanks KES.zip
  16. Hi Alexander, Sorry for late response. Yes the plugin and agent has been re-installed.
  17. Windows Firewall is switched off so that's not an issue.
  18. I still have an issue and it looks like its affecting KSC 9 too!!!
  19. Thanks glabrador, What about policies/tasks that has been converted to KSC 10? I'm assuming that I need to downgrade NA to 9 as well?
  20. Hi all, Do you know procedure for downgrade KSC 10 back to 9? Thanks
  21. Apparently there is an issue with "clustered" servers, it's affecting servers that are DAG members. No solution provided yet. Conversation with support has stopped (no updates, no log requests, no help!) Quote from Kaspersky support: "From discussion with HQ - the issue appears to be that certain members of a cluster are removed from a group, which will cause them to move back (to prevent different cluster members from potentially having differing AV settings applied, and causing problems)."
  22. zeljko.n I'm using Checkpoint FDE. kaspersky is complaining about VPN blade for some reason (KES 8 didn't complained about it)
  23. have you checked installation logs? http://support.kaspersky.com/7273
  24. Thanks TMike, Would you be kind and share solution when tech support give you a solution? I have case open with tech support regarding problems with moving machines from one folder to another. so far not impressed with KSC 10 and I'm thinking to downgrade it to KSC 9 as I cannot use KES 10 because is not compatible with Checkpoint Endpoint Security Cheers
  25. thanks Alexander, That fixed issue for some machine. Unfortunately i still have some machines that cannot control. Any ides? BTW another odd thing is that when I'm trying to run Custom tools - remote desktop console is trying to connect to localhost Thanks
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