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  1. Hello @EMIL BATISTA While the KSC does include a built-in Network Agent, it is only a management platform and does not include any built-in Endpoint protection. Therefore, you are correct, KES should be installed on the server in addition to the Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. @mkolt - You will need a new license to cover the total amount of mailboxes you wish to protect. One option would be to purchase a new license online for the total amount. Another option as noted above, would be to get in touch with your local Kaspersky Sales team or Kaspersky Partner and inquire about adding additional mailboxes. It may be possible to purchase only the additional coverage needed and have a new license cut that will cover the total. But again, you would need to speak to a Sales Rep about this.
  3. Hello @Chuckak - Thank you for your inquiry. The default Microsoft Exclusions are still included but they are now hard coded and therefore hidden. If you have Microsoft applications installed in a non-standard or non-default folder, you may need to add additional exclusions.
  4. @mkolt - Good Morning! You are correct, that in purchasing a new license, you would ultimately be replacing your existing license as both Kaspersky Security for Office 365 and Endpoint Security Cloud can only accept one license at a time. As for the best option for purchasing, I would recommend contacting your local partner or Kaspersky Account Rep for assistance if you have any questions.
  5. @uvindu098 - Thank you for the information. While installation on a DC is technically possible, we try to avoid this configuration. We have seen non-typical product behavior when Security Center is installed on a DC. There is also an increased load placed on the Server once KSC is installed. Ideally, we recommend KSC to installed on a dedicated server if possible. If that is not possible in your environment, I recommend for you to engage with your local support team as logs will likely need to be collected for further troubleshooting of this error. Thank you.
  6. Hello @uvindu098 Will you please provide some detail regarding the installation environment? I understand the Server is running 2019, but does this server play any other roles in the environment? Does this server act as a DC or secondary DC? Additionally, when you click ok, does the installation role back or does it continue?
  7. Hi @ASUK, The only section in the console that allows for data export is the reports section and you are correct, those pre-set reports are what is available at this time. Although, the information you are looking for can be found in the devices section including the device owner - https://support.kaspersky.com/Cloud/1.0/en-US/101710.htm In the event you have not seen the the comparison table between Cloud and Cloud Plus, please review the following article - https://support.kaspersky.com/Cloud/1.0/en-US/101540.htm
  8. @Jeffrey_IMDS - You are welcome. The article I provided has been updated to include a Microsoft KB that affects Windows 8.1 should you have any devices running that OS. As to your question, we do not currently have any official statement available, but it is my understanding that Microsoft will be releasing a new KB to resolve the issue. I would recommend open a support incident with your local Kaspersky Support team in order to stay informed of the fix being released and any subsequent steps required.
  9. Hi Jeffrey, Prior to performing the upgrade, were the machines patched with the latest Windows Updates? If yes, the situation you are facing is likely related to the issue detailed here - https://support.kaspersky.com/15819 If you feel that you are experiencing this issue, please contact your local support so as to stay informed when a fix becomes available.
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