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  1. What does the integrity scan do? There isnt any information in the new features section on it.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, we have opened a ticket with our reseller and Kaspersky support. The issue has gone beyond Outlook and we are seeing large CPU spikes on all workstations. Very long delays to opening new applications on quick machines. Most of the issues appeared to have started after the most recent round on Windows Patches were released. Are there any known issues?
  3. Over the past week or so we have found that KES is starting to use massive amounts of CPU when MS Outlook 2010+ is running. Close it down and KES goes back down to idle. Currently running KES, all up to date. Any suggestions?
  4. We have a shared Windows PC in a staff cafe which was running Windows 7 Pro using KES 10.2.2. It was upgraded by one of our support techs to Windows 10 and subseqently found that KES is no longer running. Not a problem as I can see that KES isnt yet supported on Win 10. Id like to be able to remove the install however everytime we try and remove the software it fails. The KES removal tool also crashes and doesnt work on Win 10. Any suggestions? The KES install is password protected.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I converted the polices to SP1. I even went though and created a new policy just to double check that there wasnt a problem in the conversion.
  6. Ive just upgraded from KES 10 MR1 to KES 10 SP1 and have had some issues with Kaspersky's webcontrol not actually working. We have a policy which is set to block social networking for members of a certain group in AD. Using the diagnostics function i can see that KES says that the site should be blocked but actually users can navigate to the site with no issues. Please see diagnostics attached. Any suggestions?
  7. There seem to be a number of changes since MR1 was released most notably the the content categories have changed. KES 10 MR1 Categories Pornography Illegal Software Drugs Violence Uncensored Language Weapons Gambling Chat & Forums Webmail Online Stores Social Networks Job Search Anonymous Proxy Servers Payments by Credit Card Casual Games Banners KES 10 SP1 Categories Adult content Software, audio, video Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics Violence Profanity, obscenity Weapons, explosives, pyrotechnics Gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes Internet communication media Electronic commerce Job Search HTTP query redirection Computer Games Religions, religious associations News Media Banners The new categories are difficult to understand and appear quite misleading. Also obvious blocks are no longer available. Could someone please explain the categories below content to me? Adult content - Is this just pornography or is there more? Software, audio, video - All software? Or just illegal software? Or just software that deals with Video and Audio. Does this block sites that have video and audio content? Internet communication media - What is this? IRC or Social Media/Social Networks? Electronic commerce - Does this refer to all online shopping? HTTP query redirection - Whats this? Computer Games - Is this all gaming websites? Or online casual games, or both? Id really like to have the old categories back but im sure that's not possible however could you please advise how I can create blocks and warning for the below categories from MR1 in SP1 Pornography Illegal Software Gambling Chat & Forums Social Networks Job Search Anonymous Proxy Servers Casual Games
  8. I recently upgraded our endpoints from MR1 to SP1, we are using KSC 10 (latest version) When creating the policies i used the MR1 policy as the template and imported the settings in to the new SP1 policy. All appeared to be fine, policy deployed to all the workstations and everything was working as expected. I have now gone to try and edit the SP1 policy and nothing happens. I can go in to the settings, make a change and click OK, however the apply button is never highlighted. Going back in to the policy shows that the change didnt apply. I have also tried to create a new policy and import the settings again, same thing happens. I can create a new blank policy where any new settings that are created are saved however i dont want to have to recreate our entire configuration. Any suggestions?
  9. Is it possible to create an internet usage report for a client? We currently use the web content filtering but would like to be able to produce a report of all sites visited (even allowed sites) for a particular user over a given period of time.
  10. As per the title, im trying to find out if there is a way to run a report or a page which shows what USB devices have been used on what endpoint. In the Repositories -> Hardware all the devices are shown, and note when they were last seen on the network, however I cant find a way to show which endpoint the device was connected to. Thanks! Edit: These are all KES 10MR1 Windows 7 Clients, using KSC 10.1
  11. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply! That worked perfectly, added in all the logmein exe's as trusted apps and it worked a treat.
  12. Just noticed that on KES 10 MR1 when you connect to a client with RDP you can interact with the KES GUI, ie click on support view tasks etc. However when I connect via logmein to the same client, i can click on KES in the system tray but can interact with the application. I can right click on the KES tray icon however cannot disable the policy. Clients are all Windows 7 x64 Pro havent tried with any Win 8 clients at all.
  13. Hi, Sorry for the late reply. Been away for the Holiday! The changes are all made via the Policy and not locally. Policy is attached, sorry had to zip it up due the attachment restriction limit. thanks. Policy.zip
  14. This is possibly unrelated but I had the same issues with KES 8 and then KES 10, both instances I found that the packages that I had downloaded were corrupt. I downloaded the packages for the Kaspersky website and added them in and then all installs worked perfectly.
  15. Got a couple of questions for the Web Control (this is on KES 10 MR1) Is there any way to submit websites details that are missing from Categories? Specifically we have found a few obvious entries missing from the Pornography category. Ive blocked them with a manual entry but they really need to be in the category. Also is there a way to block streaming media, ive tried blocking video and audio files from downloads but that doesnt work? Im looking to try and warn/block sites like Youtube, DailyMotion, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc. Ive also found that the 'Block Executable' files option doesnt work, IE 9 still allows me to download and save the file.
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