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  1. I'm VERY interesting in hearing your outcome as we're experiencing the same issue exactly. Tasks to deploy keys complete but yet Security Center shows no keys installed for the AV application.
  2. I was told by support that you must buy an upgraded license to activate the encryption module. If you have a normal license then this is the error you will see in Security Center.
  3. I think there is a command line that you can utilize to remove the offending Microsoft update. Would it be possible to create a .bat file and push it out from Security Center? and just skip the kaspersky patch entirely?
  4. Have you install the security center application also or just the endpoint protection?
  5. That's interesting that the file size matters. I'd be curious to read your final results at the end of your testing.
  6. When looking at a client's properties, there is an option of "do not disconnect from administration server" that might help. Also, when installing Network Agent you have the option of opening UDP Port 15000 (15000 by default) in the windows firewall, which allows the administration kit immediate and direct access to the Network Agent service running on the client.
  7. You are just wanting to move the SQL database, not the entire Security Center application, correct?
  8. Under your web control settings in your Endpoint 10 policy, do you have just the default rules? Scripts and Stylesheets, and Default rule?
  9. Hello, You could add a rule similar to Filter content: any Apply to addresses: individual addresses (your urls) Action: allow etc... One pixel image files are pretty suspicious and I'm not surprised there are issues with them, what is interesting is that the behavior changes based on the hosting software. Anyhow, this is certainly nothing official, just a thought.
  10. That's what support had stated to me. Also, I couldn't find it in the v10 documentation, but the v8 documentation confirms that the tasks are supposed to be disabled.
  11. For us the fix was in the policy. In the example below, which is for Endpoint 10, you must uncheck the "Allow local tasks to be displayed and managed (except custom scan). I got the fix from Kaspersky Support. This is supposed to not only remove the tasks from the end-users view, but disable them also.
  12. Thank you very much for the update!
  13. Hello, I spent some time troubleshooting an issue today where Windows 7 Pro computer would "forget" their DVD/CD drive when inserting media. The system would work on the disc for about 30 seconds and then the drive would disappear. It would also disappear out of device manager. Rebooting the computer resolved the issue. Scanning for hardware changes before the reboot did not find the drive. The system log logged an event stating "the driver detected a controller error." I didn't record the event ID, sorry. Anyhow, the fix is to remove Endpoint Security and install the older V6 MP4 product. I wanted to make sure this was somewhere in case anyone else was having the issue. I did not try to troubleshoot policies or other settings as we've experienced enough issues with Endpoint Security 8 to pull back from using the product until it's out of it's problem phase. If anyone else would like to work on the issue further I can probably gather more information for you.
  14. I'm going to guess that during your installation you didn't add any of the older v6 console plugins. You can find them, if you left the installer default, in c:\ksc9\english\console\plugins find the oen you need, run it, and you should now be able to add what you need when you run security center.
  15. I should also note that my web control rules are defaulted in Security Center.
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