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  1. OK. Thanks anyway. I already told my friend to contact support. Will he do it or not..I dont know...I was just wondering about how/what it works..
  2. I am trying to help my friend who "sent" me the email with link to that infected file. Kaspersky VirusDesk now shows that file is infected, probably after updating... I'm not even close to be expert for this, but I am trying for figure out what this virus does in this fake word file. So, I opened cleaned and original file in Notepad++. Like I said I am not expert, but I've found part of some script, with some Windows paths..but some expert needs to decode it so it can be readable Is something like that an option? I also compared these two files, and lines with with that "script" in cleaned file, of course, are missing. Maybe it is possible to find out what this script does if this fake word file is opened by ms word? Attached screenshot where you can see that script or whatever it is.
  3. Hi there, I got email with link to some file. The mail looks like reply to my email, but text was weird. I downloaded it and scanned online on Kaspersky VirusDesk..file was safe!? I scanned it on www.virustotal.com and result was different. Screenshot attached. Can somebody check it also? The link, that I got in email, to file is https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=4414C464F85FADCF%212141&authkey=%21AAK8Gd9E7OvX0D0&page=Download&canary=Aio1rYvOJ8oESZviMBccBk%2Boe7W90lQjFGFtH0vycus%3D2 Bye!
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