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  1. When going into safe mode with Patch D the 'driver for protection against screenshots is disabled' Since yesterday, April 5, the Creators Update is available for manual install; Windows Creators Update manual install So, when does Kaspersky come with an update so that everything should work accordingly?
  2. In most cases when I boot my computer, my virus signatures of KIS2015, 15.02.361 are one week old (despite the fact that the previous day my computer was up to date). Is this some sort of known issue? And when wil this be fixed? I hate to be not protected with the latest definitions, while this used to be the case a couple of hours earlier....
  3. I just have installed KIS2014 from http://www.kaspersky.com/product-updates It is patch C. (database release date 14 Feb 2014 @ 09:16) Patch D hasn't been downloaded (yet) and I just read that Patch E is out (and will be pushed). Why is Patch D (or E?) not downloaded onto my system? I run Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit.
  4. Although Kaspersky apparently supports only 'retail' versions of Windows-versions... as well as the upcoming Windows 8.1 (release mid-October), I think that - as a highly valued security company - Kaspersky have to support also the RTM-bits (when officially released by Microsoft on TechNet/MSDN) of Microsoft products with their product lineup. There has been a huge beta-testing of Windows 8(.1) and Kaspersky has to take in mind (at least according to me) that there are lots of customers using this latest 8.1 OS already from Microsoft (even over 2 million as we speak)
  5. Uninstalling and rebooting System Recovery 2013 my system didn't fix this issue. Still the crash like screenshot.
  6. Hmm... Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file Edit: Got it... see req 315059868 for Tech. Staff
  7. I already noticed that one, but I cannot force it to start anyhow with OL2013 (see screenshot). Outlook keeps restarting with the addin continuously disabled.
  8. Since yesterday, when I start up Outlook 2013 (32 bit) I get the message that Kaspersky Outlook Anti-Spam Addin disable in OL2013 has been disabled. I tried reinstalling KIS2013 ( but this didn't help. What can be the case here? I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
  9. I finally managed to uninstall this piece of (crappy) software by reinstalling it a couple of times, switched my phone on and off several times. So please, Kaspersky, just FIX this issue and have a decent version of KMS for Android.
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