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  1. I actually meant that I'm not much interested in Linux stuff, so eventually when I get a new pc I'd still like to keep Win10 on the laptop. Yes, I'm aware of those min. reqs for Kaspersky. I forgot to mention that my laptop processor is 64-bit capable. I wonder if by installing this version of Win10 would help any in my case, I've read that 64-bit systems manage memory more efficiently that 32-bit versions. But I guess that's with 4gb of ram and above, so I doubt if I'll see any improvement with only 2gb of ram. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thank you. I'll see how things goes with that performance tweak. I'll keep monitoring the disk as well. Yes I'm planning a new computer but I don't think I'll switch this lappie to Linux for now, I'm happy with it despite of this minor annoyance. As the forum member 'anhbatunam' noted above, my old 32-bit laptop still meets and exceeds the sys. reqs. required for KAV, the smooth version is a sort of proof of that. Instead, I'll keep trying to troubleshoot this minor issue and hopefully find the cause. Maybe my system just need extra days to settle things down by itself. Thank you very much for your help & advice
  3. 1) Win 10 Pro, Intel dual core laptop @1.46GHz with 2GB of ram (max. allowed by mb) 2) Thanks for the useful tip. KAV is my only security app. I don't see anything wrong except Chrome (which I run several tabs at once) which is taking up the most of ram and cpu, no page faults. Also, my disk is of the snail speed, you know. If you ask me, I put the blame on the ten year old hardware that I have rather than any installed software. Nonetheless, there must be the changes under the hood in MR1 (compared to previous build) that made my system to notice the difference.
  4. I've already tried that time since the first MR1 build offered months ago, at that time I had to disable that option because I couldn't open many secured websites then. This time is different, I'm talking about an increase of load on the system with MR1 compared to previous, no matter the setting I choose. Actually it is not something unbearable if you ask me but like a small annoyance in my view
  5. I feel this MR1 a bit heavier (opening and browsing websites, etc) than previous stable build and it's not my imagination, had MR1 installed when it was first released months ago and now again with patch c applied since days ago. I hope things can get better soon
  6. If you just entered your code without activating it (which appears to be your case) then your license will be automatically activated after your trial expires. http://support.kaspersky.com/11208#block1
  7. You'll have to activate your 20-character activation code within the user interface when your trial expires...
  8. Interesting. I wonder if this issue is related to my random wifi disconnections between my laptop and modem router. I'm too using the latest KAV 2015 and Windows 8.1 Pro. Uninstalling KAV (momentarily) seems to fix my issue (so far).
  9. I uninstalled KAV momentarily for testing purposes but the issue remains so it is definitely related to IE 11 on Windows 8.1...
  10. Well at this point I'm not really sure if this issue is related to Kaspersky, yesterday I read hjhood topic among others here and hours later that happened to me @rourkem, I don't have anything related to hulu under IE add-ons or the whole system and never visited hulu site before, the only add-ons installed are 4 from Kasp and others from MS. I wonder if this could be related to openDNS as well (or working together with KAV add-ons) which I use, some strange things are happening from time to time like Google asking for passwords for my searches at certain hours, etc. I hope it is a temporary issue..
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