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  1. Please wait until K-2018 is officially released! Don't use unofficial downloads!
  2. Hi, We are now testing Kaspersky's 2019 products. (Built 19.0.0.xxx). The latest official version available for download is still 2017's (Build soon with patch F). Beta testing for Kaspersky's 2018 has been a while ago. But this product (Build has never officially been released. Does anyone know why? I was yesterday helping a good friend of mine with her computer. She was running KTS on her computer. To my wondering I saw that she was running version ( on her computer, which never got officially released. I asked her from where she got this, and she answered that she had some problems after upgrading to Windows 10. So she called Kaspersky support and got the version installed instead. Very wearied when this version never officially got released and is not possible for download on some official sites either.
  3. Stable running, no issues here.

    KTS Beta license key's from Guide is not working to activiate the product. P.S. Admin, please delete. Using Trail licence is working to activate 90 days test license.
  5. Is the reported VPN Bug fixed to?
  6. 2017 MR0: Release is signed.

    Congrats to the whole KL Team for a great job and thanks for all users who participated in the BETA test.
  7. KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS\KSOS: Traffic checking (Web/Mail/IM/PC)

    Same issue with KSOS Function is enabled and set to block.
  8. KFA\KAV\KIS\KTS\KSOS: Password protection

    Hello, I never used the Password Protection feature in KIS. But if you set it up, I would suggest to allow users to view all settings / tabs, but any changes to settings, Application control, Firewall and more should be locked. Uninstallation of the product should also be not possible, if the password protection is enabled. I see usage of this, when having kids, and securing their computers. I remember a case, where a colleagues 15 years old son, just switched off the AV because he thought it takes to much resources while playing PC Games. In connection to this, a settings change should be possible through the Kaspersky Account, if the App has been connected to it. Regards Geraner
  9. Kaspersky 365\KAV\KIS\KTS: GUI_Help

    KTS Win7 64x Settings -> Additional -> Notifications -> Restore all hidden notifications (activated) Starting an application that hasn't been started before, will be added to Application Control XXX Group. But no information about this activity is been displayed to the user. Notification about performed updates does work.
  10. Kaspersky 365\KAV\KIS\KTS: GUI_Help

    KTS Win7 64x Online Management not possible to set. Login not possible because e-mail address field does not show/write/accept "@" sign. Impossible to enter e-mail address in this field for registration to my.kaspersky.com
  11. Patch С is available for testing

    Can confirm, new installation of KTS on Win7 x64 shows now the correct patchlevel "c".
  12. Download this small installer and run it. http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english....361en_8258.exe It will automatically download the latest version of KSOS 4 ( patch C, and use this for the installation. http://support.kaspersky.com/11859#block0 /Geraner
  13. - TR

    Congratulations to all testers and to forget all employee KL involved in the development and improvement of this new product! :bravo:
  14. Birthday i Nikita Sheremetyeva

    Happy Birtday from Sweden! :-)
  15. KSOS addons

    KSOS 4 has been release. Please upgrade to this version. See http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=321792