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  1. I was helped by a malwaretips forum member (thank you again Allego) with my issue.Dont know why KSC is messing with Comodos services,but the workaround is to start and set Comodo Virtual Service Manager to Delayed start. For those of you interested in this matter...
  2. Hello everybody, Just wanted to know if users of Kaspersky Security Cloud Free paired with Comodo FW have this problem.With KSC installed,my CFW doesn't open anymore the virtual desktop and doesn't work anymore if i want to run any browser in virtual mode.Not with the right-click mode nor within the Comodo's UI... With Kaspersky Free AV for example this issue does not happens,as a am using now a Macrium image with this combo. Tried to disable one by one all the KSC's modules but still nothing.All Comodo's folders are already in the KSC's exclusions.Any ideas please,thank you.
  3. With the free version,indeed no problems...i used to use KIS with MBAM pro real time,with Website blocking enabled too,and still no problems at all.
  4. Well,i'm running for about 3 months now KIS with MBAM real time protection enabled.No conflicts,no slowdowns,no problems whatsoever.And yes,KIS is ALMOST a complete solution,but MBAM will monitor and pick up things (especially rogue software) wich KIS will missed them for sure. If you will pick KAV or KIS,doesn't matter,be sure to uninstall MBAM first.Because Kaspersky at installing,will tell you to uninstall MBAM and will not continue until you've done it.After,you can reinstall MBAM.
  5. Ok,done it,and the ports are stealthed now.No extra security?And why the other firewalls made the ports invisible(stealthed) by default?
  6. What settings do i have to tweak to KIS 2010 firewall?Because it fails all pc flank tests....and to be honest,i'm not very comfortable with that. PS.I've searched the forum this subject,but the posts are to old.
  7. I've purchased last year in june a license,from the oficial italian kasperky site.It's still valid and i can use it,despite the fact that i uninstall and reinstall KAV few dozen times (on the same laptop,of course).I've had vista premium on my laptop,but i have some major problems with the OS,and i've formated the C drive,and no backups for me.Now i have on the same laptop Win 7 ultimate,and reactivated KAV without any hitch or problem.It always show me how long my license is valid.So......maybe your key is indeed blacklisted,because it was used too many times,and not by you only,sorry....King Grub is right.
  8. The "reboot" part,as i mentioned in my previous post,worked very nice....but i found this thing very disturbing,because it's not for the first time...anyway,thanks for your reply.(btw,as i said,i couldn't stop the update....and the time & date are correct...bottom line,only a reboot has solved the problem).
  9. KAV is performing an update...about one hour.......is a bug or what?I've tried to stopped it,but no succes...it seems that only a reboot will solve the problem...
  10. Is nothing you can do....KIS license is not valid for KAV,and viceversa.If you want to use KAV,you must buy another license.
  11. After a breake,i've reinstalled KAV 2010......surprise!Here is the screenshot of the trouble.......
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