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  1. Hello all Does anyone have the new msn live 8.5? KIS detects hidden data sending What i worry about is that this was not happening in the previous version of msn. Which means 2 things. Either kaspersky does not detect the data sending in the previous versions Either something strange is happening with the new msn (I dont see a reason to be the first case) so there is a major and strange change in msn ? or it may be a false alarm? Can we monitor somehow WHAT is sending and WHERE TO ? Regards Lightning
  2. Hello all. I uninstalled kaspersky internet security 7.0.125 except license info and antispam databases and now when i try to put it back, it says "you need to restart your computer to continue with this installation." I do so, and i run setup again and it says so again.. Any ideas?
  3. Hello You dont need to disable stealth mode or anything like that. All you have to do is at DC's connection settings : a) select "active" mode enter your ip address at the textbox c) enter a specific udp and a tcp port (usually is 1413) d) Allow traffic for this port over your router's firewall and kis' firewall If you need help about allowing traffic on a specific port for kis please let us know
  4. I think i got it. Take a look at the 2 screenshots. First proactive defense detects this. I answer "terminate" and then it suggests roll back. I do so Immediately the count down begins..
  5. Just as i turn on my computer, and before even login to the forum i see the count down. I use the shutdown -a command to log in here and answer to you. Now the system wont reboot i will run the program and lets hope it will help I will remove now kis 6 for kis 7 beta again and lets see if kis 7 will detect something more _- But i dont know which one port to log ! -_
  6. Here it is The same as lovesan or sasser but it is not DCOM RPC or lsass.exe Since i have my system patched with all the latest updates it cannot be sasser/lovesan !
  7. I am glad to hear that it is not only me But Lets continue this conversation in ONE topic please RickWoolf123 the service which fails and causes the restart is Windows\System32\services.exe ?
  8. At the moment i run the latest version 6. I am scanning my computer for infections right now and at 19% of full scan detected nothing. The problem stopped by deleting the services.exe from the allowed applications and setting anti hacker to high level of protection I have a screenshot if you want but it is in Greek language
  9. I DONT BELEVE IT I have kis now enabled with anti hacker set to training mode, and i saw again the count down message !! How and why the service granted access from kaspersky internet security? What is happening ?!
  10. Hi all Suddenly tonight i saw a window similar to that of sasser/ blaster infection counting down to restart my computer, only this time the service which failed was c:\windows\system32\services.exe. What is that ?! Could it be a new infection again?! Did anyone see it ?Or just me? I do not have antivirus software right now .. Installing kis .... P.S. I have all the latest windows updates except internet explorer 7, so it could not be sasser or lovesan (blaster) because i already have my system patched (!) Or could they ? If not.. then it must be something new again...
  11. Hello Don pelotas I tried the build but it was not as stable as the 303 and because my computer is my only one and i use it for my work at my shop, i need something stable as you understand hmmm i will try it again .. maybe i made anything wrong and i will let you know
  12. Hello all, after a loooong time I am using the 6.0.303 build of KIS, and when i try to launch the mail training wizzard i receive the message box that Microsoft Office Outlook is not installed on my comuter. Does anyone have any ideas why is that? Microsoft office basic edition is installed on my computer. Basic edition includes Microsoft word, Microsoft excel and Microsoft Outlook Best regards, Lightning
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