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I was checking into a site address and this warning came up from a company called USA Itech Services LLC.... I could not cancel it using the X at the right hand top of page. It warned me that I now had a virus and that my hard drive would be wiped out in 5 minutes.... so - duh - I called the number - spoke with a "technician" - who assured me to keep my Kaspersky - but they would run some program to fix the problem.... my screen was then taken over and as I waited on the phone the tech controlled my computer and ran all these screens showing me the 3000 viruses that they were now correcting. He said they were affiliated with Microsoft. I now owe them 210. CD. they wanted 260 CD but I told them to forget it so they lowered the price. So now what? Are they legit.... I looked them up on google and they are some kind of liability company registered in Feb. this year. If I don't pay them - do they have access to my banking info?? Did I just do something really stupid?

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Question: Did I just do something really stupid?


Answer: Yes, unfortunately you have giving full control of your pc to an unknown quantity.


The minimum you should do is run scans with https://www.malwarebytes.com/antimalware/ and Hitmanpro and also change all your passwords.


Do they find anything and also are you sure they didn't disable Kaspersky?

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