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  1. When KIS 6.0 is running,Can't download 163.com email's attachment correctly(Attachement is 0 byte).Close KIS,it will be OK. you can test it by http://mail.163.com 's webmail and new KIS6.0
  2. Thank you for your replay. Maybe you don't understand:I can control these PC( AND,I had installed NetAgent,so I can control them,but I can't see IP. I can see these IP:192.168.0.X(Kaspersky Administration Kit 's IP is I can't see these IP:192.168.2.X(But I can control it by Kaspersky Administration Kit)
  3. Can Kaspersky Administration Kit obtain VLAN computer's IP? (eg:Kaspersky Administration Kit 's IP is,workstation is,then Kaspersky Administration Kit can't show workstation's ip but can see its computer name and control it)
  4. http://downloads1.kaspersky-labs.com/produ...glish/homeuser/ http://downloads1.kaspersky-labs.com/produ....0/kis6.0en.msi
  5. Oh,Thank you. your english is better than me. I always think '/s' is a silence install mode. Can kaspersky labs modify software to make it automatic? That field can be automatic writted the IP where netagent is put? (this maybe have some grammar mistakes)
  6. Yes, we can modify 'remote installtion pachage' 's properties with KavAdminKit.Then we can find 'ss_install.xml' is changed,and PUSH or script installation is ok. But when we use 'RUN®...'( Put "\\Server IP\SHARE\package\NetAgent\setup.exe" into blank,) to install Netagent for workstation, it can't automatic write Server IP.
  7. How can i change 'ss_install.xml' to install NetAgent automatic? Because NetAgent don't write KavAdminKit Server's IP automatic but itself's compute name.
  8. When click the '-' symbol which is front of "My Computer",you will see you can't shrink "My Computer" ,switch symbol '-' to '+' Thank you.your test is very helpful,I want to know if this is my computer's problem
  9. Many newer version KAV 5.0 have this bug,But earlier version don't. You can try it follow me : 1.open KAV GUI 2.choice "protection",then "Scan objects",and "Add" 3.Then you click the symbol '-' which is front of "My Computer" at once(If you had clicked 'desktop',bug will disappear),And you will find the BUG:you can't shrink "My Computer",switch symbol '-' to '+' The attached picture is chinese KAV version,but english version also has this BUG. My system is windows XP+SP2. KAV version is kav personal pro 5.0.391.
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