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  1. Hi De_Haos, I had CPU/disk usage problem before and that could be caused by many things and most of them are application, virus or just performance issues (e.g full "C", not enough memory, etc.). It's not a secret that KL is a bit heavy, but I'm still using it on my 7 years old laptop and my VM on it as well, and can't even notice it's working whilst full scanning. If KL has some additional running "exe" file that causes such issues, we also should have had experienced the same thing (as I had with Mozilla long time ago). Have you checked in the task manager which specific file can cause such disturbance? Are you sure you don't have virus? Are you sure your system is okay overall? Best regards
  2. Hi Arios, my country is also not on the list, but that does not mean KSC is not available for us. I'm using virtual server from another country, same time zone and it's fine, at least for me.
  3. secure connection question

    Recently I'm using internet connection with RJ-45 cable and KSC with VPN enabled is working just fine.
  4. Licensing questions

    Hello, For such purposes several years ago I bought KIS with license for 3 devices (my laptop, VM and smartphone). As I know for home products KL offers licenses that could be used on 5 devices, but I'm not aware for more than that. best regards