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  1. Bump! This thread seems to have died, but the problem persists. I'm running Firefox 52.0.2 and Kaspersky Protection 5.0.141-4-20161031140250 extension from KIS 2017. With the Kaspersky extension enabled, Firefox multiprocess is disabled. With Kaspersky disabled, multiprocess is enabled. Can someone from Kaspersky let us know if Firefox multiprocess support is something they intend to support with their browser extension? Thanks! -Paul
  2. Well, I've solved the problem! Two things: 1. Restarting did cause Kaspersky to prompt for the bad certificate when accessing hotmail.com, so Rich was right about that part. I chose 'Continue' rather than 'Disconnect' this time, and Firefox presented me with an HTTP Strict Transport Security error that listed all of the domains that the cert was valid for. The hostname I was trying to access wasn't in the list, so FF was refusing to allow the cert (which is correct - that's the whole point of HSTS). 2. Turns out my wife was using an ancient bookmark for hotmail.com that used a hostname that is no longer supported by the cert. I changed it to simply "https://outlook.live.com" (which is listed in the cert), and everything worked. Kaspersky no longer complains, and neither does Firefox. I guess Microsoft didn't bother to actually remove the DNS entries for the hostnames it no longer supports - that would have life much easier. So today's lesson is: Check those bookmarks for deprecated/defunct hostnames! Thanks for your help everyone. -Paul
  3. Hi Rich, Yes, that will work, but I _want_ to scan encrypted connections. I want to remove "login.live.com" from the auto-block list, since it was added erroneously. Is there a way to manage that list? Turning off an entire feature is overkill. Does anyone know where Kaspersly keeps this list (registery, file, etc)? I'll just edit it manually if there's no other way. Thanks! -Paul
  4. Hold the phone... I switched to my wife's Windows 10 user (we have multiple user accounts on the same Win10 PC, and she's actually the one that blocked the hotmail.com cert by mistake), and lo - "login.live.com" is in the list of websites that may not work when secure connection scanning is enabled. It's not in the list that I see when logged in as my user, so it seems that Kaspersky keeps separate lists per user. However, there is no way to remove "login.live.com" from my wife's list. In fact, there are no actions available at all in the popup that shows the list of websites that may not work. My user can access hotmail.com and login.live.com without any problems. My wife's user cannot access these websites - on the same PC! Any thoughts? -Paul
  5. I think I have found the event where I blocked the hotmail.com certificate in the detailed reports section: 15.02.2017 22.04.10;SSL connection with invalid certificate detected;Connection terminated;02/15/2017 22:04:10;Invalid name of certificate. Either the name is not on the allowed list, or was explicitly excluded. It doesn't tell me what was blocked exactly, nor where to go to unblock it I found the Settings -> Additional -> Network -> Encrypted connection scanning section, and it lists a variety of websites that may not work when scanning is enabled (which it is), but hotmail.com (or live.com) aren't on the list. -Paul
  6. Hi folks, Kaspersky (KIS2017) popped up a warning when I tried to visit hotmail.com to check my email. It warned me that the certificate wasn't valid, and instead of hitting 'Allow', I hit 'Deny' (exact wording uncertain) by mistake. Now I can't access hotmail.com at all. Where do I go to see the current list of blocked certificates, and remove hotmail.com from the list so it is no longer blocked? I'd be fine with having to hit 'Allow' each time, since I don't use my hotmail.com account very much. Thanks! -Paul
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