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  1. Aside from uninstalling Kaspersky, is there anyway at all to get rid of these annoying messages? It doesn't help. All the pestering makes it less likely I'll use these products/features.
  2. Today, I opened up a Word document, began typing, then a few minutes later my cursor is taken away from the Word document as I'm typing because Kaspersky displayed that annoying message. (see attached) I get this message every time I use Microsoft Word - which is several times day. I don't know where or how to disable Scan Encrypted connections. How do you turn off Encrypted connections? Also, when I purchased Office 365 I used my email ONLY to create the Microsoft account. My email has the same domain as shown in the Kaspersky warning. I believe my website doesn't have a good certificate (low cost shared hosting). But, that shouldn't matter. I'm not accessing my website. I'm using Microsoft Word. And, oddly, if I use Firefox to access my website I don't get this annoying message. ONLY wen I use Word (and presumably Excel). But, why would my website be accessed every single time I open a Word document? This is just stupid.
  3. Kaspersky Total Security Database Release date 1/29/2019 7:03AM Is "Total Security" ONLY an antivirus program or is it a bunch of bloatware? I sort of remember removing something with that name - or a similar name - it was offering, basically, a VPN that I didn't want. I'm only want an antivirus program.
  4. It says "Kaspersky Total Security" at the top left. I don't see a button that says "about" or "version" etc. I believe I bought some type of "business" version for several computers. Also, Kaspersky has infested Firerfox like a virus. I want every shred of Kaspersky OUT of Firefox. Totally annoying.
  5. After purchasing and installing Microsoft Office 365 I get this message every day: "Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established" The account (my email and web address) I used to purchase Microsoft Office 365 triggers this daily message (due to an invalid name of certificate). Everything is fine. There is no problem - except for how to stop this annoying message from Kaspersky. How can I make an exception for this one website? David
  6. Thanks The Shield - It took me a while to find "Settings" - but once I found it (really tiny gear - bottom left) I was able to navigate to the location you've specified. I unchecked every notification - although, nothing stuck out about the Secure Connection. However, I had already uninstalled Secure Connection - that might be the reason. Do you know if the method you've prescribed will also get rid of the annoying 'update software messages' that I constantly get? Hopefully it does
  7. Aside from totally abandoning Kaspersky - what can I do to remove annoying messages coming from Kaspersky? (see screen capture)
  8. hmmm.... I don't have a down pointing arrow located at the upper right. I still get the annoying pop ups. I'd like to turn those off. Perhaps not using Kaspersky would be the better option for me. I don't really need all this junk anyway.
  9. Hi, Would anyone know how to remove annoying popups from Kaspersky? Attached is a screen capture of some unwanted advertisement that appears to be from Kaspersky. David
  10. How do you turn off reminders to update applications (that aren't related o Kaspersky)? I'm using an anti virus program made by Kaspersky. -David
  11. I've attached the (automatically?) blocked IP address - which all seem to be from today, May 9th, 2017. 167 attacks! network_attack.txt
  12. Yes. I have this problem (as of lately). I have no idea what I should do or how I could troubleshoot. I just get these popups from Kaspersky saying I'm being attacked through port 3389 - from a bunch of different IP addresses - all attacks minutes apart. Port 3389 is my Windows Remote connection.
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