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  1. Report File attached and GSI link below: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...84be5c73bd91924 ReportSave.txt
  2. Are Windows 7 (SP1) has KIS © installed. The Database release date shows 08/15/2015. I am unable to update the databases. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...84be5c73bd91924 Thanks for your help in this matter.
  3. Thanks 'rudger' for the detailed reply. I have done all suggested except it isn't practical to add anymore RAM to this laptop. (Given that this laptop has successfully run Kaspersky protection of some sort for the past 5 years is there something different about KIS14 in terms of RAM requirements?) So far i.e. on the first reboot KIS has loaded as expected. FWIW Here is the current up to date GSI: A better GSI?
  4. I removed "Juniper", freed up some HD space and did a defrag and I notice on a recent reboot KIS 2014 is not loaded...very frustrating. Here is a more recent GSI: another GSI
  5. Thanks for your reply. I will try to free up space. But this same Juniper program has been on this machine for several years w/o issue.
  6. This machine (Vista) has had Kaspersky protection of some type for over 5 years. Currently it is KIS .4651(d). W/o warning I notice that often the KIS icon is not in the task bar and further looking confirms that KIS is not running i.e. avpui.exe is a process I do not see in Windows Task Manager. GSI Report Thanks for any advice.
  7. We use only Chrome (31.0.1650.57) and you are correct ie the Kaspersky Extensions were not enabled. Thanks for posting rudger.
  8. I did use PURE for a year but our family is now using KIS 2104 (.4651 ©). I recall within PURE one could easily open the virtual KB via an icon up in the top right of one's browser (rather than Ctrl Alt Shift P). Also I see that the default in Secure Data Input is "Show quick launch icon in any data entry fields". But I never get this to happen in any data entry fields eg. gmail sign-ins. What am I missing?
  9. I am using 4651b without incident. But I do notice that there are times when the Datebases Release Date shows a time in the future. For example as I post, my computer clock is showing the correct time of 5:12 pm on October 14 and yet the Datebases Release Date is 14/10/2013 5:52 pm
  10. Thanks Don. I was told via Kaspersky Chat that the removal tool can be used w/o needing the password. Is this true?
  11. A family member has had a PURE subscription for the past year. The license expires in the next day. She does not want to renew and so she proceeded to uninstall but of course she discovered that w/o the password this can't happen. However I assume that once the license expires will the lack of password be then a moot point ie she will then be able to uninstall it (via Control Panel)?
  12. I am using PURE 3. And when hovering over a "password" box of any site or even email log-in, the Kaspersky message appears i.e. secure keyboard input is enabled. When using PURE 2 and KIS I would sometime use the virtual keyboard but this message appears when I am using the physical keyboard. Does this make sense? What is happening in the background with PURE so that my login is more secure even when using the physical keyboard?
  13. FWIW I did remove "Juniper Networks" and the problem persists. (I am awaiting a reply from Kaspersky support subsequent to me sending in the GSI report)
  14. This continues to occur for me...I guess I will contact support.
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