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  1. I've been having problems with cancelling my auto-renewal service. I thought I had it cancelled over a year ago, but on the 12 of this month, I got an email confirming the renewal and the charge coming off my credit card. I went through the process of contacting customer service, asking for a refund and a cancellation of the auto-renewal service. I get an email saying my subscription has been cancelled, and clicked a link to get my refund. On the 15th of April, I got confirmation that my refund went through. However, on the 18th of April, I was charged AGAIN for the service I had just tried to cancel (and had gotten confirmation that it had been cancelled). I even got another email thanking me for the renewal. So I went through the whole process again, and today, I got the refund, and cancellation confirmation email. Not even 24 hours after the refund was confirmed another email pops up thanking me for the renewal of yet again, something that I did not authorize. I can't even go through the same process I did before, as this new email I got thanking me for the renewal has no order number or useful information regarding anything. It just tells me how to download the program. And when I enter my email and credit card info in the "Find My order.com" page, all I get is the old order that has already been cancelled. I can't even get the new order number that I've just been charged for! I do have a code though, I haven't used it (it says it's been blocked anyway), that says it's activation date was the 23rd of April. Is Kasperskys Customer service seriously that flawed as to allow an unauthorized subscription renewal to occur a THIRD time? I'm starting to seriously lose my patience with you guys. How/who do I contact to ACTUALLY make sure that you stop charging me, and cancel the auto-renew service for good? I'd also appreciate it if you could help me figure out the order number for this new code so I can get my money back (again). Please help me find a cure for this migraine!
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