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  1. I never had any kind of problem with PD. Now if I use O&O defrag, I can't boot Windows anymore.
  2. Would be great if we could have a help from KL suport or maybe a developer.
  3. grnic, Here in Brazil, every computer store that you can visit, you´ll see unfortunately, NAV or NIS advertisements. NOD32 now is starting to show up in some stores too. You can buy NOD32 from some stores by internet or by phone, and have it delivered at home in the next day. In my opinion, I think KL should open a real office here (since we have only a distributor here) (they don´t give discount, they don´t help too much), we don´t have the needed support, and most of people here only knows NAV. I think your marketing team must read this forum to see how things happens in differents parts of world. For example, Panda now has a license that you can install it in 3 computers.(NOD32 has a pack of 2 and 5 licenses too). At my home, we got 3 computers, and I´ll have to buy 3 KIS licenses, of course. It could be great if your sales team could reduce the prices here, since I´d really like Kaspersky could be in the top here.Your marketing team must advertise in every way here, newspaper, magazines, television, etc, and most important, it must have an office here to give us support and have an excellent price for the licenses. This way, I´m sure KL will be much more popular here.I do my best to people know about KIS here, but Brazil is so big and I need the KL support.
  4. Here in Brazil the prices will be the same from version 5. But I think buying it via Kaspersky site it´s cheaper, at least here in Brazil.
  5. I know an online translator isn't perfect, so where is written "Sight", please it means "Vista" A Brazilian link: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/folha/informa...124u20587.shtml A translated english link: http://www.online-translator.com/url/tran_...46&psubmit2.y=9
  6. Hi Rodrigo. Right now, I'm testing a Brazilian version of KIS build 300 with hotfix. As I told you in PM, of course that link is from KL server. And I don't have any kind of problem with this version. I'm using it will all modules enabled. []'s Brazilian. Eu estou testando a versão Brasileira do KIS build 300 com as correções. Como eu disse em particular, é claro que este link é dos servidores do KL. Eu não tenho nenhum problema com esta versão. Eu estou usando esta versão com todos os módulos habilitados.
  7. Well, I'd like to be like The Beagle Boys. 176-671, 176-761, and so on.
  8. The correct address is: ftp://ftp.kaspersky.com/products/release/brazilian/homeuser/
  9. Of course KL works 24 a day. Better than that, KL has an excellent team. While we sleep, or having fun, they´re working hard. Unfortunately, we don´t know them, but we can always count on them. A great salute to them.
  10. Just a second. I´m testing this software right now. Well, another trash program like many others. In every test KIS stopped everything and asked what should I do. KIS protected me all the time. The IP this program try to connect, it´s a server with a blank directory. And if you stop the test it recommends you another program to buy. Rodrigo, just install KIS in your PC and forget the rest. You can be sure you will have the best protection in the world. Brazilian. Rodrigo. Outro lixo de programa, como vários outros. Em cada teste realizado, KIS parou e perguntou o que eu devia fazer. KIS me protegeu o tempo todo. Este programa tenta se conectar a um server que tem um diretório vazio. E se voce parar o teste ele vai te recomendar outro programa pra comprar. Eu recomendo voce instalar KIS, e esquecer o resto. Pode ter certeza que voce terá a melhor proteção que existe no mundo. []´s
  11. I´m sure he will be safe as we do using the best suite in the world.
  12. I agree Don. If you say it's a piece of cake to persuade Eugene( ), than you can start recruiting our team.
  13. An excellent news for Brazilians. I'd really like to thanks KL for taking care os us. A Brazilian link here: http://computerworld.uol.com.br/seguranca/...IDGNoticia_view And a translated english link here: http://www.online-translator.com/url/tran_...6&psubmit2.y=15
  14. Hi. Please look at this thread: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=19092
  15. Hi Mele20. I hope you like and enjoy KAV beta as much we do.. Good Luck.
  16. I have problems when I try to play Counter Strike too. But let´s be patience, because I´m sure KL Team knows about and after KAV, KIS, FS and WKS release, they will fix it.
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