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  1. Hello. I have Kaspersky Internet Security v18.0.0.405(k) installed on my laptop. Today around 12:30 AM while trying to watch movie online, KIS detected and blocked file Trojan program HEUR:Trojan.Script.Miner.gen. Am i safe or should i do something else to stay protected? Thank you!
  2. i had the same problem "This site can't be reached" with Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 v19.0.0.1088(c) and Chrome v69.0.3497.100 (64-bit) installed. it happened on some (random) sites (facebook, youtube, gmail etc.) i've visited in the last few days and not everytime i visit that particular site (for example: youtube). so, i uninstalled that version of kaspersky and installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 v18.0.0.405(j). after that, i don't have that problem anymore. ALL (random) sites i visit work just fine all the time, without any problems. so, i guess it is v2019 that caused the problem. just to notice: i didn't change any setting about "scan encrypted connections" in both versions of kaspersky, they were set to "Default"
  3. I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2018 v18.0.0.405(j) installed on my laptop. But, there is a problem (bug) or something else with GUI. When Database Update is performing, numbers in % in the home screen of the application and the notification in the tray icon are different. In the tray icon it ALWAYS shows that update progress is 0%. For example, in the home screen update progress is shown as 80%, but in the tray icon is shown as 0%. I attached a photo to see the problem. Any solution for the problem?
  4. https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/kis-kav-difference/11012/
  5. https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com/multilanguage/homeuser/kpmwin8.0/setup_8.0.6.538.exe
  6. Hello. I want to buy Kaspersky Internet Security license from local sellers here where i live in Republic of Macedonia. Next, i'm planning to move to Germany for some period (3 moths, 6 months, 1 year maybe), and i must take there my laptop on which KIS is installed. So my question is: Are there any country restrictions on licensing KIS, i mean when i'll be in Germany for that period, will my KIS license still be valid, considering license is bouht in Republic of Macedonia. Thanks for your answer.
  7. so i purchased license from kaspersky global site, and guess what: you're right! :bravo: i have a legit license, without any restrictions. i use KPM on both my laptop and iphone and everything works just fine... :cb_punk:
  8. Hello. I live in the Republic of Macedonia. I want to buy a 1-year license for KPM online from Kaspersky.com global site. So my question is: Will be that license legit for my country so i can use KPM on my computer without trial restrictions or there are some country restrictions on licensing? Or i must buy KPM from official seller/reseller in my country? Thanks for your answer.

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