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  1. I managed to exclude a game after downloading it when Kaspersky was disabled . In fact I thought I had excluded the Games Manger ,but I then I downloaded another game without disabling and it deleted it . It looks like there is a way around it though by disabling then downloading then excluding then enabling and playing. Not ideal but better than nothing. Is there a configuration that I can have to warn me and let me decide to exclude rather than just deleting outright?
  2. I had my new computer built to include the main hard drive and the old hard drive so that I could access all that was on my old computer. That way I had all my music and photos and documents and games easily accessible. I will try to disable kaspersky download the game and exclude it , but I couldn't find the way to do that when I looked before. I used to see a warning and then exclude it but now as soon as kaspersky is on it deletes it before I can do that. I will try to exclude before I enable it again and will return to let you know how I have got on.
  3. I have the full protection Kaspersky Internet Security and have just renewed it for another year. I love it and trust it but........... I have a new Desktop and kept the hard drive from my old PC so all the games downloaded are on that one and run from there .I can see them all in exclusions but don't know how to set up the same exclusions on windows 10 on my new hard drive. I have been a member of MSN Games since 2012 and download a game each month with a subscription. In the past I have had a problem with anti virus but have added them to my exclusions but recently every game I try to download immediately gets deleted. I only have a limited time to spend my credits and would like to know how to add them to the exclusions as I have done so many times before. Obviously I have had Kaspersky longer than 2012 and this is the first time I have had this problem of not letting me download to exclude. In despair last night I turned Kaspersky off to download and install the game but this morning as soon as I switched on it promptly deleted the game again. Is there a setting that will allow MSN Games to be installed at all from the MSN Games Manager or is it the end of the road for my games and I cancel my subscription to them?
  4. I have just purchased Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 - 3 licenses (1 year) (Auto-Renewal Service) I was trying to find a way of keepin g my last 38days of the 2013 version and did watch a video that said I could store the new license. I followed the instructions and have now installed 2014 on one of my 3 PCs but I can't see anywhere that it is in fact 2014 as I still have the details showing for 2013 and 38 days to go. I can't see at the bottom right a place for licenses that the video showed and wonder how I activate 2014 and when does the 1 year start for it? I am not the best at understanding all these things if it is too technical so I would appreciate it if you could just give me "idiot guide instructions" Thank you
  5. I purchased the 2012 Kaspersky Internet security disc for 3 PCs and think I have messed up. I still have 7 days to go on my old licence for 2011 but thought as I was going away I would upgrade now. I have only just read that I should have uninstalled 2011 before I downloaded 2012 and now I can't put my activation code in for 2012. Can I just uninstall 2012 and start again or is there some other way I can get out of this mess. I am going away on Wednesday with my laptop - the version I have changed at the moment is on my PC.
  6. Hello I am new to this forum and hope I am asking this in the correct place. I am not well versed with the workings of Kaspersky and operating systems but have been using them on my 3 PCs for 3 years now. My problem is that my trusted old laptop is just about on it's last legs and is extremely slow and heavy (a 2004 machine that weighs like a ton of bricks). It has the old XP OS on it as do all my other machines. I have purchased a new laptop for my journeys from home but don't know how or if it is possible to transfer the remainder of my licence to it on the new OS Windows 7. I still have over 180 days of the old licence left and will not use my new laptop without any security. Please can you help me and if this is possible give me a guide how to do it hopefully keeping all the settimgs and links that I have on my old laptop. thanks
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